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  1. I currently have 100~ least kili with a group of 12 pygmies in a 36 gallon heavily planted and have had dozens of cpds with pygmies before. The Cory's rarely came out and actively swam in either tank. They still loaf around on stuff but not I'm not sure I buy the dither fish thing with that species any more.
  2. Should be more than enough. My aco light goes though 1 layer of poly and 15 inches of water. Still have algae problems @ 30% strength.
  3. I've always suspected that pet stores know what theyre doing. New fish in, fish death, repeat, will eventually cycle a tank.
  4. I have in a sunroom before. Huge algae problems. Would not recommend unless there was significant shade and floating plants.
  5. You can set individual timers based on different days of the week.
  6. Will the space be conditioned after hours?
  7. Yeah there's nothing in it that cant be rinsed out.
  8. Is there a site with more specific info for species with ideal temps, water parameters, fertilizer needs etc?
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