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Aquarium plant resource akin to seriously fish?

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There’s a Facebook group called CO2 Supplemented Tanks I would join, even if not using CO2. Tom Barr is a group member for example. There’s another forum I could PM to you, some top Dutch and Garden Style people are there as well as Yugang, who developed a horizontal reactor that I use. My favorite aquarist, Dutch competition and Garden style winners are there (I keep a journal there as well). 

I really like both because people will do writes ups about their tanks, listing parameters and more importantly, their maintenance practices and such.

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On 2/7/2024 at 10:20 PM, kammaroon said:

Flowgrow.de has a good database of aquatic plants. It’s a German site but there is option to view in English though the description is not as detailed. I normally use the browser translate option.

It has an English translation as well, great resource.

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