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  1. I HATE that black hinge on a lot of glass lids. I simply removed it. When I want to open the top, I just remove the front portion. I cut lexan/plexiglass strip for the "Backstrip". I pushed the glass all the way forward, then measured the rear. I cut a piece of plexiglass to fit this area. If you are worried about it sagging, you can simply superglue a small piece of plexiglass in the middle so it overhangs and catches the glass. The rear should be fully supported by the tank (if you have a framed tank).
  2. Which one did you buy Green Machine one? Theres a pin hole in the main body, you'll be able to see a small pin sized light coming out of it. Today, I run a inline UV system that connects to the output tube of my cannister
  3. Just a word of advice. Many many many people will say throw a established sponge filter into a tank and its instant cycled. My experience with this, this is not the case. It will speed up your cycle, but will not instant cycle your tank. I ended up putting a sponge filter into a new tank (The sponge filter was from an established tank of more than 3 years.). I added drops of ammonia to the tank, Ammonia would go to 0 fairly quickly but Nitrite was thru the roof and I barely had any Nitrate. It took the tank over two weeks to cycle. When I decided to make my shrimp tank, I tried again using an established sponge filter. After two weeks of having high nitrite, I decided to throw in a bunch of floating plants and start dosing ferts. After a week of doing this, the tank cycled. Frog Bit works works wonders in zapping all the Nitrite in a tank. Not sure if the tank cycled officially or the frog bit simple removed the toxins from the tank. Didn't matter to me, I put my shrimp colony in it and its been running ever since. What I'm saying is be very careful when you start cycling your tank.
  4. Cut the tubes. (The green tubes) See pic. (Nano filter in my 5g shrimp tank) Another option is take the Nano Filter apart, Toss one basket, cut the black sponge in half, now you have a 1/2 sized nano.
  5. Did you do a large water change before you added all your fish? Whenever I do a fish-less cycle, I do a 80% water change before I add my fish. Sometimes there can be things in the water you can't test for. Sometimes fish just die when you add them to a new environment. Stress can kill a fish quicker than anything.
  6. If you want a natural way of keeping them in check, put 1 or 2 assassin snails in the tank
  7. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09C1CWYWC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 I recommend HiTauing Aquarium Heaters. You can adjust them by the controller thats not in the tank. They are fairly inexpensive and comes in various wattages.
  8. Maybe, but I have had a lid made of it now going on 4-1/2 years.
  9. Female in the first picture Makes have more squared fins and don't look "Circular". Females fins seamlessly morph into the their head. On a male, this is not the case.
  10. Dead snail. I have assassin snails in every one of my tanks. I use them to keep the pest snails in check.
  11. I use a straight edge and a box cutter to cut the poly carbon sheets. You cut them similar to glass. You take your straight edge, place it on the sheet where you want to cut. Run the box cutter down the sheet, scratching the surface all the way down. Run the box cutter 4-8 times down the sheet in the same spot. Next grab the sheet flex it across the scratches you just made. If you scratched it deep enough, it will snap along it and your done. If it doesn't snap, place your straight edge along the line and proceed to use your box cutter and cut along the line again 4-8 times. Then try to flex it at the scratch mark. It will snap eventually. I use single thickness lexan for my lids when I need them. They are light and crystal clear.
  12. Here is a Hillstream and a Cory sitting peacefully, just hanging out.
  13. I personally would put Assassin Snails in the tank even after you remove 80% of the snails. Consider the Assassin Snails as natures way to balance the snails. (I put them in my tanks, I still have snails, but I don't have huge outbreaks of them as I did in the past.) To combat Algae, may people put algae eating livestock in their tanks. To help out with Water Quality in the tanks, many of us put live plants in the tank. To help clean the tank, many of us buy a "clean up" crew. So putting Assassin Snails in the tank will help you out with excess snail populations. A good think about having Assassin Snails in the tank, they will eat excessive snails and leave their shells. Those shells will help with calcium in your tank, you won't have to keep adding cuttlebone or any other calcium products for your snails/shrimp.
  14. I have (6) six reticulated hillstream loaches and at least (6) Cory's in my 40 gallon tank. They seem to get along fine, I haven't seen any aggression towards each other at all.
  15. Regardless what you think, it probably has it in it if you are on a city water system. I always recommend you put PRIME into the water you are putting back into your tank.
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