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Found 17 results

  1. I was wondering, is it ok to remove my snails (nerite and Malaysian trumpet snail) to allow them to feed on a piece of cuttlebone, instead of putting it in my tank? I have them and one betta. My ph is normally 7.5, I don't want to risk changing my water parameters too much for my betta, so I was thinking of taking the snails out to let them feed for a while on the cuttlebone, then put them back in the tank. Suggestions? and would that be ok?
  2. So I have a crap ton of Malaysian trumpet snails in my tank and want to cut the population down in my tank and wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas. I know less feeding works some and have tried the cucumber trap ( my pleco eats it and never get a snail on it )and tried a diy water bottle trap and didn’t get one in there. Don’t really want to spend an hour picking them out one by one so any ideas would be awesome.
  3. I have MTS. And I also have MTS. Anyone else just let their Malaysian Trumpet Snails go crazy??
  4. How to control the population ? Want to get rid of at least 90% in my 40 breeder with my L134 breeding group
  5. Found this guy lurking in my substrate of my Mollie tank. Any ideas on a type? Google lens seem to think its a Red rimmed melania https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-rimmed_melania Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey y'all I got these Malaysian trumpets in today put them in a quarantine tank 10 gallon ph7.2 gh 300+ kh 80-100ish A,0 NI,0 NA,20-30 temp 82ish, with the medtrio, (there a ebay from Florida and look like pond raised, so zero trust given) but my question is, do they "require" a substrate because they've pushed up my filter and stuff, and there trying to hide under anything they can and I'm just wondering is it okay to keep them in a bare bottom med tank for the week or should I add some kind of substrate
  7. I thought I only had rams horn and bladder snails and to my surprise a conical snail with a shell an inch long was cruising across a rock. Are there more snails with this shape? What do you think it is?
  8. Hello, im getting a batch of Malaysian trumpet snails today. I don’t particularly want to quarantine them. I have heard mixed things about QT for snails. what do you all do with you snails? QT or no QT?
  9. It has been a while since I posted last asking for some water chemistry advice. Since then I have managed to get my water parameters fairly stable at 0 ammonia and nitrite, 10 - 30 nitrate (depending on fertilization and water changes), 7 PH (up from 6.6 avg a few months back), 6dgh and 2dkh. I had some hair algae issues but got that under control as I was dosing too much fertilizer/too much light. One issue I still have however is that my ramshorn snails have all but gone extinct, the only ones that are still around are all tiny (< 3mm diameter), and their shells look stunted. The pond snails are also looking a bit ragged and their population has declined. The Malaysian trumpet snails however seem to be doing great and have a large stable population. What am I doing wrong here, a few questions I have: Are the ramshorn and pond snails just getting out competed by the trumpet snails? Are the ramshorn and pond snails malnourished because I am not explicitly feeding them anything regularly? Why are the ramshorn snails shells so wonky, am I missing certain trace minerals in the water column? I put a miracle shell in and it did not seem to help the snails that much other than making my dGH around 12. My current running theory is that my PH was too low for the snails I bought initially, which caused the first generation of them to get holes in their shell and eventually die off. The baby ramshorn snails, now that the PH is better, are getting out competed for food by the trumpet snails, they are malnourished and dying off before they reach maturity. Pond snails hitched a ride on a plant and took over for a bit but then also started dying off, the shells of the baby snails never get path the transparent stage. I think these are now also getting out competed by the trumpet snails. I have included some pictures, all taken today. I can send links to larger resolution images if requested. Any suggestions/advice anyone has as to why my ramshorn snails are not thriving would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm setting up a couple new tanks, and planning to plant some carpet plants (specifically dwarf hair grass and dwarf baby tears) that will eventually cover a significant portion of my substrate. After watching Cory's videos on MTS, I decided they'd make a great addition to the tank and help keep my soil healthy. But after a bit more research, I found some folks say that MTS dug up their carpet plants, and that the carpet plants themselves do the job of aerating the soil just by having their roots reach everywhere. Does anyone here have any experience with trumpet snails in a carpet-planted tank?
  11. A stranger was kind enough to give me some used gravel from two of his tanks to jump start the cycle in my tank. Some commenters on another one of my posts said to use substrate from a trusted tank, but since I didn't have animals in the tank anyway, I figure I don't have anything to lose but time if this doesn't work out for some reason. Another commenter on another post of mine was surprised I did not get any snails from the plants I already had. Well, surprise! There probably are live hitchhikers in this gravel. What kind of snails are these? And now that I have this used substrate, what's next for me?
  12. How to control them or keep them controlled in a 125 african Cichlid tank just turned the light in my room and the tank is covered lol are they necessarily bad
  13. Zoom in and take a look. This is a full sized snail. I have had them for over a year and have never seen one larger than the one in the picture. Have any of you experienced these snails?
  14. Some of my MTS are showing reddish purple in their shells.... is their anyway to encourage this trait to express more?
  15. Hi everyone! Thanks to the pandemic I am falling hard into the hobby. Got my first tank since childhood a few months ago, a 10g hydroponic set-up from amazon and boy howdy was it a crash education, but things seem to be going well with my betta and nerites and I'm already thinking about my next tank. I'd love to have a desktop aquarium to keep me company in my now indefinite work-from-home office and Cory's review and mods for the Marineland Portrait 5g totally sold me. He mentioned that it could be a good home for a single dwarf puffer, and has otherwise talked about keeping a single one in a 5g tank being a good option. So I'm planning on planting heavily with a sand substrate, cycling that and establishing some malaysian trumpet snails for food, cleanup and aeration (and because I think snails are just really cool in general, and while MTS aren't the most visually appealing, it sounds like they're the only ones that can breed to keep up with a murderous puffer). But of course after having bought most of my stuff, I'm reading some sources online that they're shoaling and it's cruel and terrible to keep them in groups of less than 6 in a giant, species-only aquarium and I'm feeling a little heartbroken. What do you think? Should I just get another betta + nerites instead?
  16. Hello! I am doing a fishless cycle on a new tank (1st time) with ammonia. My ammonia and nitrite levels are high, nitrates slowly rising. Tank is heavily planted. Got algea growth today! My question is, how are the baby trumpet snails that came in on my plants last week still alive? Will they survive this toxic environment? Thanks!
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