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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so I have seen 1 snail in my tank (I believe it’s a bladder snail) and I’m conflicted about what to do. On one hand I don’t really want to kill it, but on the other I don’t want a tank with hundreds of them. I plan on putting a betta fish in the tank, will it eat the snails? Im also worried about if the snails overpopulate, will that increase the bio load significantly? Is it possible to keep them in the tank without having them overpopulate? What affect would they have on the tank? Thanks 🙂
  2. I'm sure this has been discussed/debated many times here. Caught a few very tiny invaders in my new (empty but for plants so far) tank. I'm 99% sure they are baby snails as I went without thinking and immediately rid myself of the visible ones. But then I stopped myself. Why am I doing this? I like snails (even the outdoor variety). I've been told "pest" snails are good for tanks, they don't reproduce more than what the tank can typically handle. I KNOW there are more in there. I saw a few on the back wall. What say you CARE forum? Yes? No? Experiences? Tales of Caution? Songs of Snails?
  3. I will admit ive watched a lot of youtube videos, and read a lot of online materials, and when it comes to the topic of top 10 cleaning crew, i feel like the mighty little pest snail often gets overlooked. I have 2 rather large mystery snails in my tank, but i have aquired some bladder snails from my LFS through hitch hiking in on some live plant purchases. Pound for pound it has been my observation that these rapidly reproducing snails put in more work and have less bio load than my large mystery snails. Their small size allows them to get into nooks and crannies my fat large mystery snails cant get to. Much like my schooling otocinclus cats, they tag team my tank at impressive speeds when working together. The biggest downside to these “ pest snails “, is what i find the most invaluable aspect to them. They reproduce quickly and a colony can get out of control if your tank conditions are just right for it. These snails populations can easily be controlled by food, or more specifically a lack there of. When food sources for these snails gets scarce, they begin to starve and stop breeding, and when there is an abundance of food the population explodes. It is this trait that i find the most invaluable. I use it sorta like a check engine light on my tank. Not only is a population explosion an early indicator of an algae problem i havent noticed yet, but the snails have already mobilized and are meeting the problem head on before i have had a chance to react. And finally the best thing by far is my community of bladder snails were 100% free of charge. You cant beat that value. For all the benefits of these tiny little work horses and they were a free bonus from purchasing my plants. They have earned there keep 1,000 times over vs my large mystery snails. It might just be my jaded opinion on the matter, but hands down i think they are the best cleaning crew critter you could ever have. 10/10 i highly recommend.
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