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  1. i found this worm in my tank on a driftwood. what is this? isit harmful to betta?
  2. i doubt so, there’s only plants and drift wood in the tank
  3. Pls help my betta’s fin seems to be ripping from the inside? seems like the fins are getting thin around that area. not sure if it’s an external or internal issue? some info for reference Ph: 7.3, Ammonia: 0, Nitrate: 2 Nitrite: 0, Temp: 27 degree celsius (with auto heater), Filter: Aqua clear filter (with sponge & bio rings + pre filter and baffle sponge), Food: Vibra bites 4 pellets/day please help, thanks
  4. thanks for the advise but i can’t really tell if they are detritus or planaria.. they both look alike.. but yea thosw worms so glide on glass surfaces - substrate can’t really tell. if its planaria, how should i go abt treating the tank?
  5. Hi, i’m cycling my new 5gallon tank.( been a mth at least.) the levels look ok however the seem to be worms all around! they are everywhere - on glass, gravel, plant, or just swimming. can yall help id the worms? (see image; may need to zoom in abit) are they safe for betta? i’m thinking of moving him in this weekend. he’s currently in a 2gallon tank but he has fin rot and is under kanaplex medication. would it be okay for him to move in now or should i get rid of the worms first?
  6. Yes i’m using both aquarium salt tgt with kanaplax since the start of treatment Okay, will continue with the treatment, so this will be the 2nd round of treatment back to back after this round ends should i remove the medication via carbon? there also seem to be ammonia in the water.. abt 0.25ppm. should i do a 25% water change and add in the removed amt of salt & dosing the meds? oh i didnt know that’s new fin growth.. cos it seem to look like its receding back.. if its new fin growth thats great news! thanks loads!
  7. its been few days since i started kanaplex treatment, dosing every 48hr, however he seem to be getting worse.. his fins near his body started to tear and the tear seem to have gotten bigger.. tmr will be the end of the 3rd dose.. do i continue a second round of treatment? pls helppp😢
  8. i do not have airstone.. instead i’ve used a fan to blow directly at the tank agitating the water surface hopfully it would help? also do i need to dose stability during the course of treatment? lastly, during treatment using kanaplex do i need to keep the tank totally dark? or would sunlight/led room light/aquarium light still be okay? side note: the plant that has fungus growing on it seems to be due to rot.. i picked it apart and it smells so bad. i threw out those rotten parts and only a small portion if the plant is left which i’ve placed it back into the tank. i noticed before when thr was fungus growth on the plant my betta seem to always go there and seem to be eating it.. is that normal? even now when there’s some debris in the water (not sure what those are can be from plants/mulum etc) he will try to eat them - some he spits out some he actually eats. (is this normal betta behavior?) 😟 he seem to be pretty hungry hence i started to feed him alittle tho he gets rlly bloated quite quickly. even without feeding he’s alr abit bloated. not sure why… (maybe from the random things he’s been munching on in the tank?) previously tried fasting him for 5-7days his bloating did went down abit but it came back i did a check on him today and his tail seem to have gotten worse.. there’s a hole in the tail (would this be expected during treatment? kinda like getting rid of the problem stuff before healing?)
  9. okay thanks for helping! i finally got my hands on kanaplex - i have not started the maracyn treatment as i only have 1 sachet on hand. (i wanted to get at least 4more before starting as i’m afraid i am unable to get them & the treatment will be halted.. which lucky i didnt start as it was sold out in all the fish shops around my area 🥲). i’m gna start treatment today using kanaplex, is there anyt i need to take note when using it? Thank you!
  10. i wanted to start treatment but i found that there are fungus in the tank on my plant (see attached) should i throw out my whole anubis or isit smth wrounh w the water, i do have another tank cycling there are some worms in the tank.. would i be better for me to transfer my fish to the other tank or do water changes for my current tank? pls help thanks!
  11. I see, i only have one sachet on hand unfortunately 😞 i think it’s pretty diffcult to divide them into 5parts equally. I will try to get a box of it before starting the treatment since it’s suppose to be a 5d course. once treatment started its better to keep the tank dark. but i do have plants in thr, would it cause the plant to die or will it make my tank lack oxygen?
  12. @Colu @Odd Duck okay i’ll not use melafix & will use maracyn instead. my maracyn do not come w the box and hence there’s no instructions but just to double check what i’ve found online for the dosing instructions. so essentially this is an antibiotic course for 5days (can go up to x2 treatment so 10days) this instruction i found on their website For a 1 gallon aquarium: mix/dissolve one packet in 2.5 cups of water from the aquarium. A 1 gallon dose is equal to 1/4 cup of solution. As for the rest of the solution for the following days i’ll have to store them in the fridge? I do weekly water change but inbetween that i do top up water as it evaporated. do i add salt in for this or just during the water change? can i use seachem stability instead? if yes do i do normal dose or double it?
  13. Thank you both for ur advises, i’ll check out cory’s vid! i dropped by another aquarium store and they don’t sell them either not even ich-x 😢 @nabokovfan87 @Colu i do have melaxfix on hand would it be okay to use that for now instead? I’ll be ordering kanaplex online but it will most likely take sometime before i receive it (edit: i manage to get my hands on maracyn instead of maracyn 2 (see img) would this be okay?) Also, his fins here look abit weird isit a sign of smth’s wrong? (see img, that whole stretch where his fins connects to his body seems a little thin/stretched)
  14. i’m only running just salt as i am unable to get kanaplex nor marcyn 2 yesterday as the fish shop nearby was closed 😞 i’ll drop by again - should be open today would it be okay for me to grab either kanaplex or marcyn 2 and add them into the salt treatment? also i checked on him today morning after a night in the salt treatment he looks stressed and his tail seem to be in worse condition? is this to be expected?
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