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Found 4 results

  1. Strange jelly fish looking white stuff sticks to EVERYTHING! no idea what it is. I cant find anything that identifies it . Almost like little jelly trees,they have a trunk like thing then it rounds off like the top of a jelly fish. Anyone have this in thier tank. Is it Harmful? Im stumped
  2. I understand that these things take time but my frustration is quickly getting the best of me. The Instagram pics and videos of beautiful algae free tanks doesnt help either... My tank is cycled but I am fighting what feels like a losing battle to both diatom algae and now hair algae. I have two Oto Catfish hard at work on the diatom and I have recently cut back my light to 8 hrs. I don't want to take anything out to put chemicals on but this is getting ridiculous. I'd love some help on what else to do. If "be patient and stay the course" is the best option that is totally fine. Other things: should I get something to eat the hair algae? Should I get more plants to help combat the nutrients that algae is taking in? Should I just enjoy the messy beauty of my tank? Pics below of my tank (20g Innovative Marine). Thanks in advance!
  3. So I have found some blue green algae in my fish tank, but now that got me wondering if the algae in my pond is blue green algae. Here are some pics. They are quite stringy and sort of fall apart when you touch them, or at least they are hard to grab. Also when they are at the top of the water bubbles form in the algae. I am really worried about animals and my cat drinking out of it and dying! If it is blue green algae how can I get it out. P.S. If this helps, I had amazon sword that was in the pond but it died because of the cool water. When I took it out it was all dead and decaying and the algae had grown on it. When I took it out it had a bad smell.
  4. Hello, Can anyone please help me identify this brown worm like algae(?) that is growing only in two patches from one piece of wood in one of my planted tanks that has been running for almost 10 years. It grows back very quickly each time i trim it down. It started growing, roughly a year ago, at the same time the black beard/brush worsened as my population of guppies sky rocketed. I've removed all the guppies and the black beard is receding but this thing keeps growing. edit. after digging up my microscope it appears to be made up of tiny brown hairs growing out a stem (pics below)
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