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  1. Maybe not so much a "sub species" but females do tend to be more peacful then males. If you still want a male, species with big tails tend to be more peacful. I beleive that they could still have the same nasty temper as others but that its hard for them to catch a fish or eat a shrimp because of their big flowly fins, it slows them down. Where as Plakat Bettas tend to be more agressive because they have smaller fins. I currently have a halfmoon betta with neon tetras, and he's VERY freindly to them. From what I've heard is that the average betta will do fine in a community setup. Of course it varys from each individual betta. What I like to do to determine if my betta is "tank mates safe" I do the following: Stick my finger in the tank Observe his behaivor Is he flaring at it, or attacking at it? If so probably not the best idea to add tankmates Or does he simply not care about the finger and continues on with his activites? If so he'll most likely be fine with tankmates. Species of Bettas that I would recemend would Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Halfmoon Crown Tail Viel Tale Butterfly Tale Twin Tale Theres litterly so much more different kinds of bettas with flowy fins, but these probably have the longest and "flowiest" fins. Heres my Halfmoon Betta named Hugo:
  2. What is your tank setup like? Both of these plants will require high lighting as well as co2 to carpet. I've never owned dwarf baby tears but I have owned monte carlo. I didn't have any co2 in my tank so Monte Carlo never carpeted, but they did how ever pearl and were very green. It looks like you have dwarf hair grass in your tank which will also provide a carpet for you. There both very simmillar plants in terms of requirements, but its what ever you like the look of more. I personally would go with the Monte Carlo, but only because I like the look more.
  3. Are those your current water parameters? Or the parameters that the fertlizler says that it adds? If its your current water parameters your gonna want Nitrate a at least 20ppm. It looks like early signs of a iron defecny or a nirtogen defency. What fertilizers are you dosing? and How often?
  4. He's so pretty! Thanks for sharing your betta! Keep updating us!
  5. Oh okay thanks @Hobbit Anyone have any experience with water sprite?
  6. Hey everyone! I'm planning out a tank right now where I will be breeding live bearers. With that being said I want a plant that can provide cover for the fry. Do you think Floating Java Moss is a good choice for that? I am also planning on using dwarf sagitteria but I think I'm buying that in tissue culture so it will be quite small for the first few months. I wanted to do hornwort, but I cant find that anywhere. Not even from a local hobyist.
  7. Hey @Betsy SOOOOOO glad pete is doing better. Also really love the water parameters added to the post just a quick question! Your signicture says "20L Home Tank" i thought this was a 20g long? Or was it a typo and it is gallons?
  8. Looks like monte carlo to me! With co2 and high light it will form a beutifal carpet in your tank. I had monte carlo a few months ago. But it didnt carpet due to not having any co2. Without the co2 they were still pearling and were still very green:
  9. In my first year of keeping fish my 10 gallon exploded. Luckily it exploded at lunch time and I was home at lunch (in fact that day I was thinking about staying at school for lunch, but I'm sure glad I didn't) I came home and went to my room, WATER was EVERYWHERE! Luckily I had a plan if this happend. I quickly grabbed all my fish and put them in buckets of dechlorinated water, then I put a towel over it so my cats wouldn't grab a snack. Then got all the towels in the house and started wiping up the water. Later that day I went to the LFS and got another 10 gallon, and re-set it up. Luckly most of my fish survived. I only had one corydora that died not from being out water though. I woke up the next morning and he was lying on his side, I assume its because of all the stress that happend to him that day.
  10. I have two plants in my betta tank that hugo just seems to really LOVE! He loves to rest under both my hygrophillia compact and my amazon sword. The Hygrophillia seems has probably tripled in size since I added in root tabs, so its VERY easy to grow. Some Dwarf Sagiteria will form a nice "jungle" look in the tank and will really fill in the gaps. Also Hornwort is also very easy to grow, and Aurora would probably like it knowing that you could float it.
  11. After every quarintine I just let the sponge filter to dry out. I would suggest to do the same as this will kill of any harmful parasites or bacteria. After its dried out I put it back into my Community Tank where the beneficial bacteria can start colonzing on it for my next quarintine. Better to be safe then sorry
  12. I'm merging my two journals together, so you can find updates about my betta tank, and my community tank (and future tanks😉) on this thread now:
  13. I've merged my two journals together! So you can find updates about hugo and his gang on this thread now:
  14. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios (I know the picture shows two angelfish, but since this picture was taken the angelfish on the right died of parasites) Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  15. Sometimes fish are born with defects such as these, I wouldnt use any medications. Maracyn wouldnt help as it treats for bacterial/ fungal infections, and the fish has neither. I would leave the salt alone once again probably wont do anything. I've had some horrific experiances with salt. Is something that occured overnight? Or something that you got him with?
  16. Welcome to the forum! Wow great photography! Also a Canadian, where in canada are you?
  17. I've never dealt with something like this, where the fish is swimming upside down. But I find that leaving him/ her alone, and turning off the lights may help. As far as medications, It seems that its probably too late for any to have any effect. Maybe @Colu can perscribe you something. Best of luck, and keep us updated!
  18. A teenager with MTS, sounds relatable🤣 Cherry shrimp don't need a heater (unless your house is like 60F room temp, but I doubt it is) Cory has mentioned in past live streams that he has seen cherry shrimp breed under a thin layer of ice. Filter is techinically a MUST, but it depends on your setup. Personally with the limited space you have with a 1 gallon, I would heavily plant it instead of doing a filter. Plants I would recomend are Hornwort, Moss, Amazon Frogbit. All these plants will grow rapidly and eat nutrients in the water colum. All of these plants you could probably get from a fellow aquarist, look on craigslist, your local fish club auctions, etc. You should get them for a few bucks each. Food like the Shrimp Cusine or the Shrimp King pellets are all very good for shrimp, would reccemond. (couldnt find any shrimp king pellets in stock at a resonable price on amazon. And couldnt find any on aquariumcoop.com) I would also reccemend to get some Repsashy as a nice snack for the shrimp, you can feed this to your pygmy corys as well. Its a little expensive so maybe don't get it right away but defentley think about it. For the amount of shrimp I would do maybe two or three of the SAME GENDER of shrimp. So either all males or all females. Females seem to be the more attracted ones, and are bigger with more color usually. For substrate it wont really matter and isn't a MUST as. all of the plants I suggested will do better floating. You would probably be better off getting some substrate at your LFS, or from a local aquarist (once again would be cheaper, and would have some of the bacteria that you want to start off your nitrogen cycle) The General Rule of Thumb is once a week waterchanges, it varys with each tank. I've gone three weeks without needing a waterchange before. You only need to do a waterchange when you test for excess amonia or nitrites. Eventually you may never need to waterchange with the plants that you have. @Streetwise doesn't do waterchanges on some of his tanks because of the way his tanks are setup. To learn more about how he sets up his tanks for 0 waterchanges click here.
  19. I personally have never quarintined plants, and I've never had a problem. I feel like most don't quarintine them either. If you were worried (I know you mentioned you werent) about snails you could always do a bleach dip, that should also get rid of some of the algaes you probably dont want. Also ACO is obviously a very trusted plant dealer amound aquarists so I wouldn't even worry the slightest from them.
  20. It would be fun to see everyone put what country your in. This could help when perscribing meds, because what may be legal in America may not be legal in the U.K. Also it would just be cool to see where everyone is from!
  21. The good thing about guppies is that they swim ALL AROUND the tank. They inhabit the Upstairs, and downstairs of the tank and everywhere inbetween. Which is why you may not necesarilly need an upstairs fish. None the less if you still want some "upstairs" fish Irene from Aquarium Co-Op made an article with a list of fish that seem to dwell in the top half: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/top-dwelling-fish For plants I would do some fast growing plants like Hornwort, moss, guppy grass, etc. These plants will help the fry from the guppies hide from their parents.
  22. Hugo and the Neon Tetras have been doing great! And I've defentley been over feeding, they all have big bellies. Today I decided to fast them. I usually do this on Thursdays, but I forgot last week 😁. The Sword has been dealing with a Iron Defency (I beleive...) so I've started dosing the Tropica Iron Ferts for that. Both swords in the community Tank and in the betta tank actually has been struggiling with that. Everyday I see new growth on the hygrophillia compact, its SOO PRETTY... The Hygrophillia Siamensis hasn't been doing the best. Neither the one in the community tank nor in Hugos. Theres just a tad bit of bio-film on the driftwood so I think its time for a Nirite snail... its on my shopping list. Also I got some suction cups to hold the feeding rin to the side of the glass, I orderd like a month ago and it finally came! ALSO, Hugo has a part of his halfmoon back! SO EXCITED!
  23. Aww poor little guy Really Moniter his fins, injurys like that can easily cause finrot. Your probably fine but I'd hate to see Pete go through finrot like Hugo did, never want to go through that or see someone else go through that. Sending some good vibes to pete!
  24. Did you forget to add a picture? Sometimes you have to push the "Plus" sign next to the picture after you've uploaded to include it in your post 🙂
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