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  1. With the remainder dwarf sag that I used in my rescue bettas tank rescape, I used in hugos tank. The hornwort I got a weekish ago has been multiplying like crazy, already doubled. Its thriving the best in hugos tank, very green.
  2. It hasn't even been a week and the dwarf sag has already started pearling! This is one of my first times that one of my plants were pearling. The Dwarf Sag is doing great but the hornwort, not so much. Its shedding its leaves and looks like it maybe melting, thoughts?
  3. As of today aquarium co-op sent out a notice on their youtube communtiy page that easy root tabs were available to canadians via amazon.ca: https://www.youtube.com/c/Aquariumcoop/community As soon as I heard this exciting news I added the root tabs to my cart, a few hours later I completed the order! Unfortantley I think I was too late ordering as it says it will arrive at the amazon warehouse on August 7th. Cory mentioned there was only 20 availble. So I assume I'm getting the second batch of root tabs, which is fine. But none the less I still ordered it! Mine are supposed to arrive on the 11th of August! Next on my bucket list: easy green! Luckily thats availble on amazon.ca as well. Just waiting till my current liquad fertilizer is empty. I've been using the PlantGuys Slow Releasing Root Tabs for some time now. They were alright, and for the price made it worth buying. The owner of this company is also a local hobbyist to me so I try supporting him whenever I can. Hopping I can get better growth on the new easy root tabs. Who else have bought the easy root tabs off amazon today?
  4. They are a hybrid between a blood parrot and a convict. Super neat looking fish.
  5. Bettas can tolerate a range variety of tempertures from low 70s Farenheit to Low 80s Temperture. I have a betta in a unheated tank thats sitting about roughly 70F. I have another betta thats sits at around 76 F. Both are doing fine. The one in the 76F was in a communtiy tank at that temperture with some neon tetras.
  6. hmmm... I would want some kind of livebearers perhaps platys or limias. And for a plant probably a fast easy grower like hornwort. I've had hornwort for a week now and its already doubled in quantity. The hornwort will also give some shelter for the livebearers fry.
  7. How deep of a sand bed for the cap would you reccemend? For my betta rescue tank I have 1.5" of soil, and 1.5" of substrate to cap it. I just added dwarf sag to it not even a week ago and its already pearling. I have witnessed rapid growth with doing it that way.
  8. Not entirely sure of what causes dropsy, as I have never had to dealt with it. But I wanted to say @Just a Pygmy Corydora, if the worst does happend (hopping that it doesn't) I hope this event doesn't drive you out of the hobby. Know that its not your fault. Some fish get sick, and you can't always treat it. You did the right thing and asked people for help the second you saw Aurora in distress, you followed advice of forum members. And its because of you that Aurora can say he lived a happy life, he can brag to all his betta freinds in fish heaven that he wasn't put in a bowl but in a actual 5 gallon aquarium with tank mates, and endless food!
  9. Yes, hornwort grows like crazzy! I have had it for not even a week and its probably doubled in quantity in my betta tank! I haven't waterchanged that tank in probably like 3 weeks. as of today my water parameters read as follows: Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Amonia: 0.25 I did a waterchange anyways even though I didnt necesarilly have to. I wanted to plant some dwarf sag and thought doing a waterchange would make this easier. I beleive the reason why my water parameters were so in check was because of the hornwort. Pogostemon Stellatus Ocotpus is another fast grower! I've had it in my tank for about a month now. It didn't grow lots the first two weeks. But lately its been growing like CRAZZZY! It started taking over my entire tank I had to remove some before it started choking nutrients out from the other plants. I have a specimen container full of it. Not entirely sure what to do with it, possibly put it in more tanks. The dwarf aquarium lilly may take a few weeks to take off. But once it does, it grows fast! You'll start seeing little sprouts, within weeks after it'll grow to the top of the aquarium surface. Water Sprite (what you said you have) I have heard is another fast grower, you may just wanna stick with that and wait a few weeks before it takes off. Floating plants like Frogbit, Salvania, Duckweed are all great growers as well. IMO every tank needs floating plants, they are simply amazing! by the way, your tank is gourgoues! Love how green the plants are!
  10. Recently I had to remove the neon tetras in hugo's tank because they were nipping on his fins. Once his fins heal back I may want to put new tank mates in. But I need some help deciding. The tank is a 5 gallon aquarium (fluval spec 5 gallon). And is decentley planted with hornwort that seems to grow every day. The temperture is at a solid 76F. Housing a betta and soon to be moved nirite snail. My Ph in all my tanks sits at the 7.3-7.5 range.
  11. Yeah, I was on the hunt for a while to get frogbit and then I finally did! It started growing fast, but shortly after it started dissapering one by one. Then I saw the mystery snail eat it, so I moved it to a different tank. Then he started eating the salvania in that tank.
  12. I have a mystery snail that is has eaten every last frogbit, and is now starting to work on the salvania in my community tank. So get a mystery snail, there fun, cute, and awesome! I have a video of my mystery snail eating some frogbit that he stole from the surface:
  13. @ErinV I too live in Canada and dont have acess to co-op test strips. I have been using the API Liquad Test Kit as well as the Tetra Test Strips both produce almost identical results. I have found the tetra strips at walmart for like $15. I find that whenever I have a plan with stocking when setting up a tank, it usually changes once I visit the LFS🤣. Awesome to see that you finally have fish for this tank!
  14. @GameCzar I love watching the small scape too, I didnt put it on the list as I thought it would kind of go under the "Prime Time Aquatics" choice.
  15. The anubias pinto is one of my favorites! There is a hobbyist in my area that is tissue culturing their own plants and then later selling them on his website. One of the plants he is playing around with is the anubais pinto. I'm excited because once he starts selling them, perhaps he will be able to get the price down. But my favorite anubias that I own is the anubias golden coin. I currently have mine floating in my betta tank. I was going to plant it, but my betta named hugo seems to really like resting on it.
  16. Usually pufferfish wont take to prepared foods like flakes and pellets. They perfer foods like bloodworms, clams, shrimp, live foods, etc. Your pufferfish looks very cute though, and I cant wait to see updates of him in the future!
  17. OOOOH! Your plants are so lovely grown in! And that lilly bulb is monsterus, hope mine eventually becomes that way! Defentley following this journal! unfortantley "out of reactions for the day" , this is what I get for spending time on the meme thread today, I knew I would regret that!
  18. I have both lights. I have a nicrew on my community tank (40 breeder) and a fluval 3.0 nano on my guppy breeding setup (10 gallons). I like the 3.0 over the nicrew for a few reasons... The fluval 3.0 is waterproof. The amount of times I have dropped my fluval 3.0 in the water and still no damage is surprising. I drop it in the tank almost every waterchange. The nicrew 24/7 Automated Light is simply confusing to program. I find that the light with the default settings was on for way too long. From 5am to midnight. I quickly develped green water. Of course this developing green water varies from tank to tank. The fluval 3.0 is easily customizable. It took me 15 minutes to setup the desired settings I wanted. I have since cut back on the amount of light it gets, and amazing plant growth as a result. My nicrew costed my $60 CAD. At the time of me buying that product, i was no way dropping a couple hundred dollars on a aquarium light. The price on the nicrew is really affordable. I simply had to get a wifi timer to setup my own timer for my nicrew. But ever since then no problems. Wish i could use the timer built into the system, but thats really confusing. And the videos on youtube dont help. Its worth $60 though. Would I get the nicrew again? probably not, IMO the 3.0 is way more bank for its buck. And I'm not as strict as a fish keeping budget as I was when I bought the nicrew. I have had the nicrew for about 8-9 months now. Bottom Tank is the Fluval 3.0 nano. Top tank is the nicrew light And another picture of the fluval 3.0 nano tank:
  19. @Just a Pygmy Corydora not in the slightest! Just because your not feeding the fish doesn't mean the fish isn't eating. There are tons of bacteria, algae, etc. that we cant see in the aquarium that our fish can and even find tasty. Fish can go weeks, sometimes even months on end without a human coming to feed them every day. In the wild do fish get fed by humans every day? no they don't, they feed off the tiny little crustaisions, bacteria, and algae that we can also find in our aquarium! This is why sometimes you will see people going a way on vacation without anyone coming to feed there fish. I do that a lot. I've been gone for weeks on end, and haven't ever come home to a dead fish.
  20. @Just a Pygmy Corydora stop feeding him. At this point food will only make the treatment worst. This goes for your corydoras as well, as aurora would probably eat the pygmy corys food. At this point follow the treatments instructions on the botttle, and give aurora rest. You may want to consider to turn off the lights.
  21. What are your water parameters? You said you had the rhizome tied to a peice of wood?
  22. I love the CaribSea Peace River that @Daniel suggested! I have it in one of my aquariums right now! It does a great job of capping the soil I have underneath! Growing some dwarf saggiteria in it right now! Seems to be doing the job just fine.
  23. Welcome to Plant Keeping! Your anubias is called "anubias nanna petite" I believe is what you were trying to say. I have created a playlist with youtube videos that have tremendously helped me in my aquatic plant keeping journey. I would encourage you to take a look:
  24. Same here! I think one of the main reasons LFS may reccemend a lengthy acclimation process is that they don't want their fish to die the day its brought home. A longer acclimation process may be less stressfull for the fish in some ways. But yeah, plop and drop for me too! Haven't had any bad outcomes from doing so.
  25. This happens to me when I leave my test strips out for too long, or when I seem to have to much water on the pad. For a planted tank you’re going to want your nitrate up to probably around 20ppm. I'm sure you know that, just putting in my two cents😁 Agree with @Streetwise, Cory would know best as the developer of the product.
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