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  1. I would leave him but keep an eye on it. I doubt its finrot, but defentley keep an eye on it. If it gets worse treat with a anti-bacterial infection medication like Maracyn, Salt, API Melafix. The Med Trio is a great way to start for right now.
  2. My shrimp food came today! So I dropped a pellet in, but I found that the bowl smelt wierd. Like something was rotten. All the shrimp are dead. I tested water parameters immediatley after. Nitrite, Amonia, Nitrate all in check. However my PH was at a 6.6!!! When introducing these shrimp a week ago it was at 7.3!!! So the massive swing in PH is what seems to be the problem. I have a busy weekend coming up with Canada Thanksgiving, however I do plan on taking the entire aquarium down and restaring. I will still be adding in shrimp, but this time perhaps from a more reputable seller. Still Pumpkin Shrimp too. I don't know if I'll keep the deep substrate, with soil on the bottom. But I know one thing will be for sure, I want a light, and not nearly as manny tannins. I couldn't see any of the shrimp because of the tannins. And possibly with water movement. A few of the shrimp had fuzzy feet when I got them, would this be something bad to look out for?
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that @Maggie, knowing how much cosmo meant to you, is heart breaking. Couldn't imagine loosing Hugo like that.
  4. I'll add a few comments on the chat every now and again. Currently watching the ball game and the livestream at the same time. I'm a bluejays fan, so I'm cheering for the yankees. The red sox victory against the nationals, which eliminated the jays from the playoffs left a sour taste in my mouth.
  5. Corys going live in 10 minutes! Its either the Livestream, or the MLB Postseason Wild Card Games, what will it be?!?!?! Hope to see everyone in the chat!
  6. Yeah, orange pumpkin shrimp are neocaridna. I beleive they are often refered to as Orange Sakura Shrimp.
  7. I've never used string or anything to propergate my anubias to my wood. I either glue it using what @Patrick_G reccemended super glue gel, or I would use the crevices in wood as a holding place for them. The first time I used superglue for my anubias, I got it all over the rhizome, the wood and my hands. It was a mess. Well done!
  8. The shrimp bowl their in was setup near the beginning/ middle of august, so a little over a month. It has a decent amount of hornwort, and pogostemon stellatus octupus. As well LOTS of tannins. Thanks Guys!
  9. I actually like doing waterchanges, I enjoy cleaning the glass and doing the trimming. It feels satisfying when I'm done and the aquarium looks very clean! Catching fish is a hassle, and so is testing tanks with liquad test kits. I also hate lugging buckets around and spillling water. Those are my top 3.
  10. Frozen foods like bloodworms would be a treat! I've also found great luck with NLS community pellet with my fish. You can also try other xtreme foods like, the community crave or the spirulina flake.
  11. The lilly pads should be facing the surface of the water. So it looks like number two would be correct. I like to partially barry the bulb, and as it grows it'll grow a big root structue to holds its own against the snails.
  12. I have some shrimp king complete coming for my new pumpkin shrimp, this will hopefully be arriving on Monday. But until then what should I feed my shrimp? I tried a cucmber but they didn't seem to touch it. I am wondering if I should hold off on the feeding until their more comfortable in their setup. Anyways what other stuff can I feed my shrimp. The seller said they really like raw noodles...?
  13. I would personally leave it. I like snails and find that they only benefit your aquatic ecosystem.
  14. I'm not sure if this fish is legal in california but its defentley worth a look, Rainbow Shiners! They are some of the most stunning fish I have ever seen. @Fish Folk has a beautifulbreeding setup for them, check this thread. Another great option would be pygmy sunfish (once again i dont know if there legal or not in california). @Daniel has experiance catching these guys in the wild, and even breeding these guys. I beleive he may have stocked pygmy sunfish in his famous 1930s hisitorically acurate planted aquarium thread.
  15. The Pumpkin Shrimp came! I let them acclimate in the room for an hour until their water matched the aquariums water. and then did drip acclimation for the next 20 minutes.
  16. The shrimp are arriving tomorrow! I will post an update with pictures and such then. But today I was doing a little more prepping for the shrimp. I tested the water parameters of the shrimp bowl: Amonia and Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: somewhere between 0-5. Ph: 7.3 Today I moved dobby the nirite snail from hugos tank into the bowl as well as some other miscellaneous snails into the shrimp bowl. I love snails! The guppy tank was litterly flooding with pogostemon stellatus octopus, so I moved some into the shrimp bowl as well. And then I put more in Vader the Rescue Bettas Tank. Today was a no feed day for hugo. I have been overfeeding him lately, and so he's been a little fat. But I did get a few pictures of him: I ordered some shrimp food as well! Coming within the next few days is some Shrimp King Complete. And then in another order I have Xtreme Krill Flakes (mostly for the community tank) and then some Hikari Shrimp Cuisine. Theres so many shrimp foods on the market I wanna try them all! I may be visiting my LFS tomorrow in which I might pick up the New Life Spectrum Shrimp Food.
  17. A betta would be the way I would go, all though 2.6 gallons may be a little small. Another option would be to start a small shrimp colony. All though I beleive you would have to make optimize the filter so that it doesnt suck up the shrimp.
  18. Today the goal was to make room for the pumpkin shrimp. I have been in talks with a local hobbyist who is willing to sell his beautiful pumpkin shrimp to me. I was originally going to order some off SKA Shrimps. Its a canadian shrimp breeder located in Calgary, Alberta. All though I thought it would be better if I was able to get some off a local hobbyist, because the shrimp have already grown up in smillar water. And I dont have to worry about shipping. So I moved the rummynose back into the community, and Hugo back into his aquarium. Heres a picture of the shrimp provided by the seller that I'm getting: I will soon be moving Penny into the community tank as well. And as promised @CalmedByFish heres a video of hugos last meal in the shrimp bowl:
  19. I have had great luck with tissue culture. I find that they usually dont melt back for at all. One thing I'll note is that shipping tissue culture I find can be a little risky. I have had numerous problems with buying tissue culture online, for me it usually comes to me all brown and mushy.
  20. he really is. I wanna get a video of him eating tommorrow morning. He swallos the pellets two at a time, and with the floating hornwort its tough for him to get at the pellets. Its very fun to watch.
  21. I'm looking to buy some pumpkin shrimp finally within the the next few days. I'm wondering how many a good number would be to start off a colony. The aquarium there going into is i beleive roughly 5 gallons. The company I am ordering on have a buy 10 get one free deal, should I get 11 then? Before I was thinking 8-10 would be a soild group, thoughts?
  22. I work at mcdonalds, there pretty understanding of school being prioritized. Probably because all the managers are still in school, or just graduated.
  23. The indian almond leaves will also release tannins! My betta loves his tannins.
  24. I've never used paraguard. But when I have dosed with meds in the pass I did use fertilizer with no problem. To be exact I used API Super Ick Cure. Honestly I think your going to be okay dosing fertlizer and meds in the same tank. However another thing you may want to consider is to quarintine the sick fish, and treat them there. This way you dont have to worru about your plants, loaches, or snails. And you wont need to dose as much, as the quarantine tank would be smaller. Knowing that your new to the hobby it could be safe to say that you dont have a spare tank around, if you do thats great! use that for your quarintine tank. If you dont I would suggest to use a see through rubbermaid from walmart, could probably even find some in your basement. Heres a video that @Irene made on this method:
  25. My angelfish does this when hes scared too. Its honestly a little scary to watch. He did it a lot when he was younger, but he still does it a bit.
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