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  1. Definetely bottom dwellers or algae eaters should be pretty good for the Tiger Barbs
  2. Breeding fish like honey gouramis are fun because they are bubble nesters. Also different livebearers like Platys and Endlers should be pretty fun as well.
  3. he now prioritizes the bloodworms and if hungry, he'll eat the hair algae.
  4. Now my one is weird. I woke up on a normal Saturday and fed my tank like usual. I made breakfast and sat at the table. I then looked over to my tank which I just fed and he was snacking on the algae instead of the bloodworms! I never knew that I was keeping a vegetarian Puffer. XD
  5. First time keeping Cichlids and hopefully not the last! XD
  6. How often would I have to water change and what percentage?
  7. Could be stress if you've recently added an aggressive tankmate or the temperature/water parameters are not good.
  8. I have had two experiences with fish eggs and fish fry hitchhiking on some Anubias Nana Petite and Java Fern and they have grown up in my 10 gallon. Turns out that they were Rummynose Tetras and Dumbo Endlers. It took me around 4 months for the colors to become clear enough for me to identify what they were!
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum and I relocated my Cardinal Tetras, Panda Corydoras, Cherry Shrimp and my 1 male Honey Gourami into another fish tank and now I have one vacant 80 Gallon tank available. What should I do with it? I could start a breeding project or make another community tank. Maybe some bigger fish? Any suggestions or tips are appreciated!
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