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  1. Hey All I’m wanting to change my substrate from white gravel to a natural coloured gravel. I have a few plants and I hardly ever gravel vac as I don’t use root tabs I just rely on the waste for the plants. Has any one swapped gravel and how did you prevent a tank crashing? As I will be removing 40-50lbs… that’s a lot of bacteria… do I just change it out and do a cycle of beneficial bacteria? I have the inbuilt filter and large sponge filter, plants, rocks and wood so a lot of bacteria will still be in there. it’s not an overstocked tank by any means.
  2. @Cinnebuns thanks for the reply, my first two snails the male basically became the females backpack never left the girl alone… that’s why I’m so confused 😂 the only parameter that’s changed would be I lowered the temps to 75F about a month ago.. is this to cold? They are still very active. okay I’ll try supplement more calcium I feed the snow flakes a lot but might not be enough and literally as of today I’ve fed them green beans the ingredients listed is beans and water but has a sodium percentage of <5mg which I assume is naturally derived from the vegetable. I don’t know your crazy imperial system but they are about 1 inch
  3. @xXInkedPhoenixX I was leaning towards let nature takes it course because they are fascinating to watch. just didn't want it to be something that can become un manageable thanks again
  4. Hey All I Have 15 Mystery Snails that are about 6 Months old. what is the estimated age for mystery snails to reproduce? I am feeding them like crazy, Cucumber, Algae Wafers, Hikari Sinking Wafers and Shrimp snow food. multiple times a day. they have only laid 2 Clutches. what are ways to trigger mating as they don't seem to interested in each other 😂. the first clutch that the 15 where born from I didn't do any target feeding and the two wouldn't leave each other alone haha Thank you.
  5. Hey All I Have a 5G Guppy Fry tank that I have been feeding Live Baby Brine and Hikari Micro Pellets, The Fry are 3 weeks old. I've noticed on the sponge Filter that has hair algae on it and the glass that I have a new tenant.. Hydra, I'm not sure whether they are white or green but are only about 4-5mm long. I would like to know should I let nature take its course and wait for the fry to be large enough to eat them? ( do they eat them?) or must I remove the fry and starve the hydra? Thank you in advance
  6. @Fish Folk thank you for the amazing reply I will read watch and watch again and come back with a million questions haha I’m excited now @Guppysnail thank you, I will keep that in mind. Did they all eventually get to full size or did it actually stunt there mature growth?
  7. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/blue-green-algae
  8. I’ve had trouble with cardinal tetras and guppy’s but I don’t know if it was a me problem or another issue
  9. Hey All I’ve ventured into the chaos of guppy’s. I have 3F 1M in a 5g. ( I know 5g is pushing the limits even with 4) I live and work at home so I monitor all my tanks constantly. I have a few seasoned sponge filters ready for when the fry start dropping, but my first question is when the lady’s get about a week out from giving birth I want to put the fry in a separate 5g and once done move them back. Is that okay? A few more questions how many is to many fry in a 5g? how long do they take to mature enough to need a larger tank and how big should a grow out tank be? ( and how many in said tank) can I use a tub? Or polystyrene box? ( I have a few poly boxes already) Any advice would be appreciated I want to be as ethical as possible.
  10. @redfish sorry for the late reply, I have gone down the route of re building it and stripped it down to the panes but I broke a corner and now going down the crash course of becoming a glazier... might be a nano tank in no time 😂
  11. @redfisho really, i assumed you would have to deconstruct it, what’s the reasoning behind not taking it apart and just sealing the internal? Would the structural silicone not loose it’s integrity at the same rate? im glad I read this because I was about 15 min away from taking it apart haha
  12. @TOtrees thanks for the great reply, that canopy is kind of common in Australia, personally not a fan 😂 I think I’m just going to do the full rebuild the extra work out weighs the risk at this point and then it’ll give me piece of mind! then it will just be me worrying if I did it right hahaha
  13. @lefty o I think I might go all in and do it right not worth the wet socks hahaha
  14. Hey All I scored a free tank, 30G High it’s approx 8 years old and hasn’t had water in it for over 12 months. It has some blue in some parts of the silicone. Is this medication related? I forgot to take photos of it, I can do later if it will help. I want to re silicone the tank so I don’t see this as to much of an issue. I have a few Questions. - Do I need to fully rebuild the tank due to its age as in take apart then re silicone? - Can I just remove old internal silicone that has blue in and then re apply new silicone? Will this increase structural integrity? Or just waterproof it? - the construction of it is that the 4 panels making the walls are not sitting on the base piece but is in the outside is this an issue? - is it worth making it a euro bracing style tank as I want to remove the old lid and there no top brace sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance.
  15. Hey All I’m no Aquascaper by any means… I just buy plants for there benefits. This a family tank so my kids have there “flare” added 🤪 No Co2, No Fert just the light and hopes and dreams. The plants seem happy enough. I’ve left the right side empty as I don’t know about heat being to close it’s just a 100W heater
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