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  1. Thank you for setting me straight! Appreciate it!
  2. Hey there everyone! I have a question that I need smarter people to walk me through. We bought a bunch of fish online. The ones that survived the week long quarantine looked perfectly fine albeit quite thin… we added them to our 75 gal “show tank”. Three days later a few of the newbies are covered in ich, like wham, over night. We’ve increased the temp to 86, and we’re treating the 75 gal w Ich-X and I’m doing 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons; this is after I do a 20 gallon water change. We saw or dad somewhere that salt is accumulative… so I’m curious if after I do the water change and I’m adding 20 gallons back to my tank, should I be adding the aquarium salt for just the amount teeing replaced, or the whole 75 gallons. My husband says just the amount being replaced and I don’t know…. If I murder all my sweet baby Geranium Blue Rams (Ich free and perfectly happy I might add) I’m going to be super pissed at myself.
  3. That looks like a male to me. The most identifying thing is females have a pink belly. I attached a photo. My mamma is on the left. Dad is on the right - no pink
  4. Sorry, probably a dumb question here, but would it be smart/healthy to mix a pouch of para cleanse when making some rapashy and feeding that prophylactically for internal parasites? Say once every week?
  5. I’ve watched your son’s videos about 976 times. I’ve only gotten this far because of you guys!! I was thinking about going ahead and moving them to a guppy/live breeder breeder box, the kind that floats. With the slits on the sides. I tested and they’re big enough now. That they don’t fit through. I like your specimen box/Dean breeder box! I’m going to have to copy you on that too!! Thank you for all your help and your previous blogs!
  6. Hello everyone. I need someone smarter than me to point me in the right direction here…. I have German Blue Ram fry in a specimen container. They’ve been free swimming for about 3 weeks. I only just switched from 2x a day to 1 water change a day just yesterday. My husband and I are going on vacation next week and I’m 100% my anti-pet neighbor will be able to do a water change for us… but that’s not my point here… Some of my fry are swimming on their sides. They eat, they do NOT like getting touched with the syringe/pipette, they look normal…. They’re just on their sides. I tested my water… my pH is really low at 6.0, nitrite 0, nitrate between 0-5 ppm, ammonia 0. when I do my water changes, I use 1/2 RO water & 1/2 future tank water. The future tank water pH is is at 6.4 and I just tested the tap water and the pH straight from the tap is 6.8. I’m paranoid I’m slowly murdering my baby fish…. Is my pH harming them? Is the pH making them side swimmers? I’m going to start adding tap water every hour slowly raising the pH during the day today. Smart? Dumb? Stop fretting?
  7. I HAVE WIGGLERS!! I have watched your son’s videos about 759 times. They’re quite informative, so thanks!! Next dumb question: About how long do they feed off their yolk sacks? I have BBS ready. Instead of the Micron, I bought a tiny pouch of Hikari First Bites. I did my first 50% water change this morning….. I’m just excited they’ve made it this far. Thankfully, my husband and I are water snobs and already have a R.O. system.
  8. Thanks! That’s the next step. Hospital tank, then pull Ma & Pa out of the tank… I was just trying to let nature take it’s course, so to speak and was curious if I idiotically introduced a new egg eater. Trying to intervene as little as possible (other than adding BBS). My other pair (in a 75 gallon) are laying too… the 6 yo-yos put every single one of those eggs down though. I never thought the BNP would eat their eggs! He may temporarily get evicted? Appreciate the links…I’ve got LOTS to read & learn. I could literally lose an entire day watching our fish.
  9. Hello! Just curious here… do you guys think that my Siamese algae eater is eating my GBR eggs or is it 100% eggicide? I’ve got a breeding pair in a 10 gallon with 1 albino pleco, 2 otos, 2 little swimps (red crystal & amano) and 1 nerite snail. I’ve gotten fertilized eggs 3 times now, but on day 3-4 “someone” thinks they’re living in Russia and has themselves some caviar. Ma & Pa Kettle are about to go to a bare bottom hospital/sex tank but I was just curious if it could also be the Siamese getting in on the snackin’ action.
  10. I just have some ordinary val in mine. It becomes unruly and has to be snipped like a haircut every couple of weeks. My rams get awful mad at me when their bug bites get bound up in the overhang.
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