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  1. When I asked he wouldn’t specify as to what it was. He just that it shouldn’t harm my tank and recommend a water change.
  2. Just got off the phone with fluval. He said that can happen if there is a big temp change. I haven’t done anything with that tank for 2 weeks so still not sure why it happened. He also said that they would replace it after I responded to the email he was going to send. So I gave them pictures and a screenshot of my purchase. Thankfully aquarium coop saves past purchases. If I get it I’ll probably save as a backup as I plan on switching my heaters to coop ones as I replace.
  3. Well good news my betta is still kicking this morning and my shrimp seem to be ok. Here is the heater. The heater is the 25 watt nano. I bought it last February so it’s just over a year old
  4. I have a 8 gal cube shrimp tank with 1 betta. I smelled a strong electrical burning smell. After searching my house I noticed the water in my tank was black with an oil slick on top. My small fluval heater failed and expelled stuff all over in my tank. The water stunk of electrical burning smell and my whole house smelled of it. I moved my betta to another tank not sure if he’ll make it and did 3 90% water changes. Has anyone else had this happen?
  5. Thank you. I guess it’s time to find a female.
  6. Can any tell me if this is a female German blue ram? I thought I had a pair but lately I’m thinking she is looking more like a he. Thanks
  7. Bottom right. I did breed him and got 5 fry. Waiting to see how they color up. And yes I’ve noticed with the Vienna’s the can be a big difference in the patterns an color.
  8. Has anyone kept Amazon puffers with a spotted Congo puffer? Curious if they could get along. Generally speaking I know all fish can have somewhat different temperaments
  9. I have a 29g aquarium ran 2 sponge filters. Had 20 female guppies many neo shrimp and snails. It was set up for about 6 mo. When I set up a new 20g. I moved 1 of the sponge filters and all the female guppies. Never registered any ammonia. New tank has been going now for a little over a month. No issues. With the seeded filter you may not see ammonia.
  10. I have breed many Vienna guppy’s but have only had one like this. I wanted some options on if I should try breeding him for his unique look or would that “ruin” the Vienna guppy. Also if Cory or someone from the coop could chime in I would really like to hear their opinions. Thank you all this is truly a great community of people.
  11. Awhile ago Corey mentioned he likes cemex lapis lustre sand. He posted the link for Home Depot but they say they don’t carry it. Anyone know where to find it?
  12. That sounds like it might be a good option. Do the glass company’s usually carry the hinge or would I need to find it somewhere else.
  13. Top fin. Bought it at pets mart
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