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New Fish and Plants Today for the Pond



Today we picked out 4 nice koi with the help of owner Joe Granato at Star Ridge Aquatics in Carthage, NC .


Two of the koi were long-finned, and two were the traditional Japanese type koi. The traditional koi were my favorites because the colors were more intense. Once released one of the koi just wouldn't swim with the other three fish, so we named him 'Derpy'.

We also picked out a dozen edge plants including, pickerelweed, dwarf cattails, Sagittaria, Myriophyllum, various rushes, and hardy lilies.


And notice the green water? I also added an additional batch of wild caught daphnia. I hope the exponential growth of the daphnia can catch up with the exponential growth of the green water.

Finally, I added a few corys cats and guppies. I will add more later when I have had a chance to see how these initial introductions fare. The pH measured at 6.93 and the upper layer of the water in the pond read 84 °F although it was much cooler 4 feet below the surface. Not surprisingly the koi preferred to stay lower in the water column most of time.

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