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Stocking the summer pond



The fish I have ordered for the summer pond have started to arrive. First up are guppies from Twin Cities Guppies. Twin Cities had a few Endler's in stock (and by a few, I mean only 1 trio). They shipped on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday no worse the wear for having been shipped.

These should go into the pond in the next few days (maybe today ☺️).


Two Endler's may have worked on Noah's Ark, but I think I will need many more to get the guppy population kick started. I just wanted to see what these looked like.

Arriving Saturday from Aqua Huna will be panda corys, Sterbai corys, and some cherry shrimp. I don't expect any of the fish to survive our Zone 7 winter, but I do expect the cherry shrimp to overwinter as they have overwintered for me for years in a much smaller pond. Probably should have ordered a few Paleatus corys also as these will tolerate it a little colder, but maybe I'll get them on the next order.

Tomorrow, my neighbor Faisal and I will take a field trip to Star Ridge Aquatics in Carthage, NC to meet with Joe Granato and get a tour of his place. We hope to pick up some plants and ideas from Joe.


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