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Parrot fry, HELP


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My platinum and polar blue just had eggs hatch, well hatched 2 days ago.

Can just make out eyes, tail. Still have a little sack on. Is it best to move them out, have a unused 10 gal tank, or use breeding net, in tank.

I've read about instances with the breeding net being compromised and babies sucked out, or tiny fry swimming out through holes in netting.

I'm thinking keeping them in same water is less stress, but having a whole tank, free from threats is another option, but there is the issue of new tank syndrome.

Should they even be moved at all yet.They are being protected by mom now,  but not swimming out yet. 

I'd move a sponge filter from current tank, swap 25% water from old tank to new, add stability daily. Temp will be same, ill get ph same. Think it be safe to move them ?What is best to feed them. Been putting vita-chem in their current water with food soak.

Thank you for the help.

Really great fish, hope I can raise them all up.




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Hello, I don’t know much about parrots but I’ve bred many fish and I’ll give you what I feel like is decent advice. Setting up the new tank in the manor your talking about should be fine.  just keep a close eye on the water parameters. And change water accordingly. Second is the food it is very hard to be live food cultures the easiest being baby brine shrimp. Now assuming you don’t have access to that currently. You can use the frozen baby brine shrimp if you can find it. Crushed flake food to a fine powder will work, first bites, golden pearls in various sizes will all work. but typically you’ll have a better survival rate on fry from bbs. Here’s an example of what your looking for. Also you don’t want to have to much flow in the fry tank as that can cause problems. Best of luck and if you ha e any questions let me know.


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I have a sponge filter from a cycled tank, a ziss moving bed filter and a large lava rock from an established tank. Looks like around 50 fry, mostly at bottom. Been feeding live baby brine shrimp, hard to see if they are actually eating them tho. Temp, ph, ammonia,  nitrite are perfect. Will let nitrate test tell me when to do 25% water change, but thinking once a week. That's my situation and plan. Any criticism or advice is appreciated. Not a first time aquarist but 1st time fry owner.

Of course I can just dump them in my SA Cichlid tank and call it a day...JK.

Love parrot fish, hope most, if not all, live.



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