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31 minutes ago, Hi_Im_Elfo said:

How can I tell when a guppy is done giving birth? She had her first fry about 24hrs ago, She still has extremely dark gravid spot, Her belly is still huge, and she's acting like she's still in labor.

From what I've observed, female Guppies tend to drop most all of their fry over a few day's time and will repeat this under decent water conditions and care every month or so. A normal drop can contain from a dozen up to hundreds of fry. If she's still acting stressed, she may still be dropping. Give her another few days to wrap up. Hope you get a lot of fry!

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Thank you for the response. The Mama guppy died. She had fry stuck half out during the night. We have one very active fry aka Spec in the breeder box. I just got the few guppies last Tues for surprise birthday gift. I put in my quarantine tank. Noticed that I had very pregnant female. I put her in the breeder box.  I'll well keep eye on water conditions. I hope to move them in my 20 gal. When it finishes cycling.



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