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Lamprologus ornatipinnis kigoma


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Any experts out there for Lamprologus ornatipinnis kigoma? I bought a rack from a fellow nerm, one 33 long had Multis which are breeding like crazy but I see very little activity out of the other 33 long with Lamprologus ornatipinnis kigoma. There are 5 in the group, probably 30 shells, hard water and I high ph. My biggest fear is I have nothing but females. 4 are the same size with one older and larger (breeder said this was also female from previous/parent stock) the only other difference between them all is I have one that likes to hang out above everyone on the sponge filter.

Any advice on these guys would be appreciated.






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The first hatch is starting to color up and are looking good. I really have no idea what to expect moving forward. The oldest fry are over a month old now, more than big enough to eat their younger siblings but I have not witnessed this from them or any of the adults. There have been several hatches from what I believe to be 3 female and one dominant male, with the less dominant male hanging out in his own corner but still enjoying life. I'm seeing new hatches about once a week between the 3 (3-4 weeks between each hatch per female) I will keep you all apprised of the process.

PH  8.6+, KH 300+, GH 75, NO3 40-50

Looks like I will have to step up my water changes with that many babies around. The hornwort and duck weed isn't keeping up anymore. But it has been 2 weeks so still cannot complain.






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Well these guys were doing so well that they all got moved to a 50 Low boy opposite the Multi's. The pool filter sand I use must be super high in silicates because I always get some heavy diatoms when setting up a tank with it. I'm patient though and it will clear up. Crossing my fingers for second generation fry soon.



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On 6/9/2021 at 12:12 PM, DSH OUTDOORS said:

Thanks to the success of these guys I have my very first BAP submission!  5 of these guys will be finding a new home come Saturday.  Only another 100 + to go after these ones are out the door.  You can see the variety of sizes in a few of the pictures below.IMG_20210607_230217540.jpg.aba8f3c21d615e36f35fe424a476f324.jpgIMG_20210607_230207182.jpg.b837d62f03a73f15151af4cae751d073.jpgIMG_20210607_230154718.jpg.2d643c85442f0f8103484bd8d81925eb.jpgIMG_20210607_230153111.jpg.7f7548d44cae201e9057b3751adb664c.jpgIMG_20210607_230143906.jpg.ced16ab5e6a4b1e89d86333f8f3174e2.jpg

Awesome!  I got a small group of these a couple months ago.  I have one pair and just spotted the first fry.  I think my other two are males and the two that paired off are pretty hard on them.  I might move those and allow the pair to build their colony.  That’s assuming they don’t go after the fry eventually.  Sounds like that hasn’t been your experience this far?

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I'm stoked to finally find some info on these particular shell dwellers.  I haven't had any luck in establishing a colony.  Out of my original batch of 6 only three made it to 6 months.  Two males and a female.  The two males bonded and chased the female away.  She hid above my heater until she eventually disappeared.  The males are about a year old now and definitely a bonded pair.  I'm not judging.  They do have two mommies--well, my wife couldn't care less about the fish.  🙂 

I ordered a second round and the only two that weren't harassed to death by the boys were two tiny females.  Lesson learned and they are currently in a tank of their own to grow out.

They were my first foray into cichlids.  

I'm not even that interested in them breeding.  (I started out with Endler's and those little jokers had enough fry to last me a lifetime.)  I'd just like to be able to keep a happy tank.

I loved seeing all of your fry, though. 


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