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Will plants recover from deficiencies if corrected?

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So if you diagnose a plant nutrient deficiency correctly and take measures to correct it will the damaged leaves recover or will it just prevent further damage. 

For example I have some bacopa with holes in the leaves. It seems to be potassium deficiency. Will the leaves with the holes repair themselves if I dose potassium or will it just prevent more leaves from showing up with holes?

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Depends on how advanced the damage is. If it is minor damage most plants will repair the damage. If it is major damage the plant will cut it's losses and cut off circulation to the leaf. Also depends on the species.


I don't have lab experience with Bacopa but I would imagine since it has high regenerative ability it would likely repair the leaf.

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Typically if a leaf is actually damaged, e.g. holes in leaves, dead tips, etc., that leaf will not recover, i.e. it may live, but won't regenerate over the holes or regrow a tip.  However, if the leaves are weakened, such as some discoloration, they can recover to a degree.  Generally, plants will need to grow new leaves.  That's normal, and healthy new growth is a good sign that the plant as a whole is recovering nicely.

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