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Stingray 2 Versus 1

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I have been playing with a Nicrew light for the last few weeks, and while it is a pretty decent light, I feel for the $$ the Finnex (a little more expensive) might be a better option.


I know the COOP only sells the model 1 stingrays and I am curious why. Does anyone have experience with both care to weigh in?

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As I recall Cory talked about issues with the power supply on the Stingray 2. I only have experience with the 1 and it's a good light. I also have an Aquaneat and like it just fine. Both are about a year old now. If you're staying low tech I'm not sure I would spend the money. 

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I am coming back to the hobby after about a 10 year absence, and the last lights used on high energy active substrate as well as Walstad tanks were T8s and T5s so I am still coming up to speed on brands and LED technology in general.


I bought a hygger light for a 10gallon low energy tank that is going to be a heavily planted tank and it has 4kg of Fluval Stratum in it. The stock is unknown as of now until I am sure where the pH is going to settle with my tap water (pH of 8.2, 6°KH and 250 ppm GH from the tap). I know the Stratum is going to pull that down a bit, but until I know for sure, I am not making stock decisions until I know for sure, but Xenotoca doadrioi are pretty high on my list.

I am still on the fence about which light to put on the 38 gallon. It is a strange size tank 36 1⁄4 x 12 5⁄8 x 19 3⁄4 (same footprint as a 30 gallon long, but 3" taller), and will be high energy (CO2, fertilized substrate, and water column) which is why I initially looked at some of the Finnex lights. It seems only time will tell, but once all of my hardware arrives and the actual build starts, I will create a thread to document its progress.

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