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My overbuilt brine hatchery


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I thought I'd share my DIY brine hatchery.  It's a standard inverted water bottle design but I wanted to make sure it had light and temperature control all in a standalone package.  I definitely didn't need to make it this fancy but I had fun doing it and now I know I'll have a very consistent setup.

I've got a 4watt LED strip light on the side providing hatch inducing light and a ring of LEDs on the very bottom to encourage the bbs to swim to the outlet at harvest time.

I also couldn't find a small 12W heater anywhere so I made one from nichrome wire, sand, and a 12mmx100mm test tube.  I also added a temperature probe and a controller to keep it at 27C/81F

All totaled I think I spend about 10$ worth of parts that I already had laying around.




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DIY is one of the great aspects of the hobby!  Just ask Joey Mullen. 🙂


Edit: Joey is the king of DIY and with over a million subscribers turned his fishkeeping hobby into a YouTube business. When he built his galley, he did a GoFundMe and raised over $10k in 48 hours. ...Believe it or not.

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