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Anubias Plant Disintegrating??

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I am turning over a 5-gal tank to become a pea puffer tank. I recently added (about a week ago) 2 anubias plants, a Golden one and a large one (I don't remember the exact type) from aquarium co-op. They have sence been disintegrating and all of the leaves are falling off. I know plants often don't transfer well from being land grown to water grown, but I have also read a little bit about anubias rot and it seems to be similar to that. Any ideas on what is wrong with my plant and how I can help them?

Fish note: The disintegrating plants has caused the nitrite levels in my tank to increase so I have been unable to get my pea puffer, and my tank currently has no plants.

Photo note: I have put some of the leaves from the plant back into the soil, but don't expect the to live. I also added a photo of my overall tank for reference.




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You want to make sure your rhizome (the log-like bit that the leaves are growing off of) for your anubias isn't buried.  It would be better if the remaining leaves were just left to float.  If they are OK, they will (slowly) regrow a new rhizome over time.  I've had a fallen off leaf of an Anubias Nana that has been free floating for close to a year that looks like it's getting ready to sprout a second, new leaf.  The rhizome of an anubias does better if you have it tied/glued to a rock/piece of wood.

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