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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I do just have one pea puffer in a well planted 5 gallon. She is a little shy and skittish, but seems happy. The snails I have been feeding her are very small. I will try to work with her on snails more and think it will be interesting to try other foods.
  2. I have a Pea Puffer and I am wondering about more food diversity for her. I have been mainly feeding her Frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms. Frozen Brine Shrimp are her favorite. I have tried to give her snails but she does not seem to like or know what to do with them. Are there any other foods that I should try giving her? I have noticed she won't eat food once it touches the bottom of the tank so slow sinking food recommendations would be helpful! Photo note: Here is a photo of my fish, I think she is very cute.
  3. Water is probably going to be the heaviest part of the tank, so I would also recommend supporting the bottom. The tank should be able to support the weight but make sure your stand and support the weight as well. I would just clean the rock with water not boil it. As long as it is supported well I don't think there is a hard limit to how much rock to add.
  4. The general rule that I have heard is to let a fish tank sit for at least 2 weeks before adding fish. I would also recommend to wait two weeks before adding a different kind of fish. If you would rather wait longer to add fish there is no harm in that. If you do not want to get an Algae eater that is ok, you just may have to do more work with cleaning algae, which should be mangable and help it not get out of control more than algae eating fish might. I think it is really up to you what you do next with your new tank, adding fish or letting plants grow more. I would recommend lowering how much easy green is used (I do one pump a week) because while it helps the plants it also helps the algae grow too. It looks like you have a really nice tank set up and good luck with your next steps and getting fish.
  5. I am turning over a 5-gal tank to become a pea puffer tank. I recently added (about a week ago) 2 anubias plants, a Golden one and a large one (I don't remember the exact type) from aquarium co-op. They have sence been disintegrating and all of the leaves are falling off. I know plants often don't transfer well from being land grown to water grown, but I have also read a little bit about anubias rot and it seems to be similar to that. Any ideas on what is wrong with my plant and how I can help them? Fish note: The disintegrating plants has caused the nitrite levels in my tank to increase so I have been unable to get my pea puffer, and my tank currently has no plants. Photo note: I have put some of the leaves from the plant back into the soil, but don't expect the to live. I also added a photo of my overall tank for reference.
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