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Hello! I just joined this forum and hopefully it will be a nice and helpful place as it seems so far.

I have a 10g , the S. S. Valhalla. She holds a betta, one endler livebearer, 3 bumblebee gobi and some snails:IMG_2691.jpeg.bdab9986c516ed5f84502d485ce033ab.jpeg

My goth king Admiral Harold Mustard:


I also recently acquired a 39/20 gallon that I plant to make a nice peaceful community tank. I got it off of craigslist-- came with the 2 harlequin Rasboras and an 8 year old Anubias its crazy. I have added 3 otocinclus, 3 khuli loaches (I have been reading that it is totally okay to add more so I plan to do so very soon so they can feel less shy,) and I have 8 glowlight tetra in quarantine since I noticed a couple had ich when I brought them home... I am using a heater, air stone, probably not the best filter, and ParaGuard and hoping for fast recovery and no casualties


In the future I plant to add a black background and then get the tank nice and bustling with life. I have looked into rummy nose tetras, Chili Rasboras, maybe something blue- I was looking at neon blue rasboras but open to any suggestions and ideas.

I will re-scape at least this big tank with some rocks for hiding caves and try to contain the wild Anubias. The newest addition is a 10 gallon that I picked up because I have just fallen in love with dumbo ear bettas (a particularly sad looking one from Petco that was a lovely white and pink/red) so I will start setting that up and cycling... Ideas for scaping will be also greatly appreciated!

Nice to meet y'all 🙂

endler ID???


bonus "smoochin" ottos


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1 hour ago, LaurieinIA said:

I love my betta, but yours is beautiful!  My dream would to be to find something similar, but orange

Thank you! I’m sure yours is also beautiful! I wish photos would do his colors more justice. The scales on his body and the yellow really pop in the right light
I know there are super pretty golden or copper ones that might be more orange if not try your luck on some koi colorations, good luck!

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