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Help for my Betta


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Hi there,  I feel so awful and need some advice.   Some back info:  My tank came down with ich, I treated w/ ich x and everyone made it through.  (1 yellow glo Betta & 5 neon tetras) I noticed my Betta's tail was looking a little ragged but I thought that was from the ich and was watching to see if it was going to heal.  I also noticed that there was a red stripe more visible going down his body to his tail.  He had been acting normal and eating normal until he jumped out of the tank one evening.  My son scooped him up and put him back in his tank and he swam to his sleeping spot and just stayed there which was understandable.  The next day Irene posted the 5 most common diseases for Betta's and I realized my poor little guy was actually sick with Fin Rot and Septecemia.  I broke out the hospital tank and started treating him with Maracyn and Ich x.  He is on day 4 of treatment and he is just floating in the tank not moving, sometimes almost floating parallel to the surface. I can see that his tail has a little blood where it connects to his body and part if it is missing - I am thinking that happened when he was rescued when he jumped out.  My main question is, do I keep treating him and hope he pulls through or is it too much suffering and should I put him to sleep? (Sorry my 1st go w/ fish I am used to dogs). 

Thank you for your kind suggestions!

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I would stop treating and try to get the meds out of your tank.

My Betta currently has some finrot and was looking, and acting like you just described. The Ich X won't help with the finrot and it doesnt look like septicemia it just looks like finrot. My Betta had that red in his fins too.

I am not much help when it comes to treating for finrot, as I have not done it succesfully.

Your best bet is to do a waterchange, stop treatment for a few days, and don't feed. 

A bunch of forum members helped me with my bettas finrot in this thread:

Also turn off the tank lights, don't make any sudden changes in the tank besides the water change to remove the meds.

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2 hours ago, Janelle said:

@Spewing_nonsense_ Here you go.  I was having a hard time getting one uploaded last night.


Yeah I wouldn't stop feeding or treating, I would make sure not to overfeed and I would dose with maracyn as fin rot is usually caused by a bacteria, and just make sure to keep on top of water parameters and make sure they're where they should be. I would only turn off the lights if they were super strong and/or you dont have many places for the beta to hide. I wouldn't euthanize the fish as he still has a pretty good chance of surviving, altho being a glo beta he might have weakened Genes but I can never be sure on that

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