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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, The water parameters are as follows: Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 0 GH: 150 (usual) Chlorine: 0 KH: 80 (usual) pH 7.8/8.0 (usual) Temp: 72 - I just realized this and am raising the temperature to 80 This is my brother's fish who I knew had been struggling for a month or two, but I just saw recently how badly he's doing. His tail is usually a half-moon shape, so I think that he's had some serious fin rot. Can someone help diagnose and advise? His coloration is quite faded from when we got him, especially on his tail and near his head. The heater was displaying an incorrect temperature, so I just realized he's been a little chilly for a while and I'm raising the temperature now. I think this guy is going to need a bit more than warm waters to recover, however. Is there a recommended course of action? Many thanks for any advice!
  2. I bought a group of Bolivian rams last week and one of thems back tail is smaller. I don’t think it’s fungus cause nothing has grown and have treated the tank with the quarantine trio. Wondering if it’s tail got chewed up from where it came or maybe a birth defect? It seems completely .. any thoughts?
  3. Things seem to be going from bad to worse. I could use some help from the FNEs (fish nerd experts 🙂 ) I have 4 male bettas, separate tanks. Since December, I have been spending 2 weeks with my 95 yo mother in Michigan to help her through a rough patch, and then 1 week back home here in Minnesota to catch up on all my stuff and junk. My husband feeds the fish sparingly every other day while I'm away to keep the bioload down. When I get home, I do my tank maintenance and then do once more before I leave. Still, all 4 bettas started experiencing differing levels of fin rot in late February/early March. Because it wasn't severe, I started adding catappa leaves and doing more frequent, smaller water changes while home. Two started to improve with tails growing back, 1 - Ghengis - held status quo, and 1 - Leo - got worse. I'm going to focus on Leo. I think he got worse in part because I added an Aquaclear 10 to the back of his 14g aqueon cube because the substrate was filthy, his nitrates were high. I had recently switched from one sponge filter to another and it didn't appear to be doing the job. So I added the hob to clean things up. Even though I baffled the hob, I think the flow may have caused undue stress and soon he was hiding inside his decoration and his fins looked much worse. So, I did a 50% water change and started him on Furan-2 April 5. April 6 I noticed his abdomen looked a bit pudgy in front. There was no evidence of pineconing but my spidey sense went off. I mixed 2 teaspoons of epsom salts in 1 gallon of water, and soaked him for 15 minutes. Then added 2nd dose of Furan-2. Today, April 7, I did another ES bath. This time, there is pineconing. My questions are: Am I too late? Should I increase the ES concentration for his bath? In some blogs I've ready you should do 1 tablespoon per gallon for 10 minutes. Others say to bathe them 2x per day. So many conflicting theories. Makes me crazy. Is Furan-2 the right thing to use right now? Or a combo of F2 with something else? I also have Kanaplex, MetroPlex, General Cure, and PraziPro. I can pick things up locally if there's something I should get. My water parameters are: pH: 8.3 (note it comes out of the tap at 7.4 and slowly rises; I use a mix of 70% well water, 30% softened water; not ideal but that's my reality) Nitrates: 20, but can sometimes increase to 30-40 Hardness (GH): 9 drops of API or 161.1 on the conversion chart Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 15 or greater than 214.8 on the conversion chart Water Temperature: 77
  4. Hi there, I feel so awful and need some advice. Some back info: My tank came down with ich, I treated w/ ich x and everyone made it through. (1 yellow glo Betta & 5 neon tetras) I noticed my Betta's tail was looking a little ragged but I thought that was from the ich and was watching to see if it was going to heal. I also noticed that there was a red stripe more visible going down his body to his tail. He had been acting normal and eating normal until he jumped out of the tank one evening. My son scooped him up and put him back in his tank and he swam to his sleeping spot and just stayed there which was understandable. The next day Irene posted the 5 most common diseases for Betta's and I realized my poor little guy was actually sick with Fin Rot and Septecemia. I broke out the hospital tank and started treating him with Maracyn and Ich x. He is on day 4 of treatment and he is just floating in the tank not moving, sometimes almost floating parallel to the surface. I can see that his tail has a little blood where it connects to his body and part if it is missing - I am thinking that happened when he was rescued when he jumped out. My main question is, do I keep treating him and hope he pulls through or is it too much suffering and should I put him to sleep? (Sorry my 1st go w/ fish I am used to dogs). Thank you for your kind suggestions!
  5. I rescued this little guy last night from someone who wasn't caring for him properly. He said he didn't do much maintenence for the tank and I saw the water and it was GREEN, and there wasn't a heater in his previous tank. He's very lethargic. He spends most of his time on the bottom of the tank (sometimes on his side not moving but breathing heavily), and when he swims it's mostly must to go up for air, then he swims back down to the bottom. He didn't eat last night but ate two small pellets this morning. I replaced the filter with a sponge filter, put in a heater at 79º, and took 1 gallon from an established tank with a very healthy betta, and did 4 gallons of new water. What should I do? It's saying that the photo upload is failing, but hes a white halfmoon male betta. He currently looks more pink than white, and his tail is much shorter in some sections, with long (maybe the bones of his tail?) sticking out.
  6. Hi everyone, just wondering if API Bettafix or Fritz Maracyn are the same thing to cure fin rot on a betta. I think my Betta has a fin rot problem, I'm not sure but from all I've seen that is what it looks like. He used to be a Betta Moon, now his tail has grown so much that I thought that was normal, but the tail is not even anymore so that makes me think he has thin rot. Any suggestion is appreciate it. Bellow a comparison before and after so you can help me out if he is suffering form thin rot...
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