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Suggestions on making a hinge for this top?


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I'm refurbishing an old aquarium and need to repair the hinge on the lid. It was previously held together with silicone that was dried out when I purchased it. I don't believe it ever had a handle however my idea was to create a hinge+handle that is a very similar style to one of the Aqueon versa tops. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to accomplish this? I know that some stores sell replacement pieces for versa tops and planned to purchase one of the handles, but I'm hoping for an alternative that will allow me to use a clear adhesive instead of their black strip. Thank you in advance for all suggestions!


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Yeah, it's a tricky one, no doubt. A couple years ago I spent a lot of time looking for clear hinge material that I was sure would fit, and although they exist on Amazon, I've never been confident they'll grip the glass tightly enough.

However, I have had decent luck with these clear acrylic hinges:


I bonded them to glass with epoxy, and they hold reasonably well.

Lately, making my own lids from polycarbonate sheets from Home Depot has been most effective:


That material is so lightweight that I can literally use clear packing tape as my hinge, and it holds well!

Hope some of that helps!

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3 hours ago, Robin said:

Do you have a picture of the polycarbonate lids you made? I'd love to see how it looks and fits. Is it clear like glass so the plants get all the light they need?

I think Tazawa tanks explains it best. This is the video that inspired me to do it:

Here's a picture of my own application:


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On 8/30/2020 at 4:00 PM, Mr. Ed's Aquatics said:

Clear gorilla tape works pretty good as a DIY hinge. Lasts quite a while and is easily replaced when needed. 

That's what I did for my lid. 2 pieces glass, with about 3/8" gap in the middle. Taped both sides. I added craft mesh to go around the filter, etc. to keep my(future) Nerite snails in. Oh, and I added a ring pull to pull it open.1549272830_LidLeft1.jpg.350ddc9f104b88ffad1e4662ba02d17c.jpg

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