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White discoloration on guppy


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I'm new to aquariums and new to this forum and let me just say how hard it is to get clear pictures of fish that won't hold still. I think I now have 40 blurry pictures of this fish.

OK, this guppy just started showing some irregular white discoloration yesterday and it seems to be getting worse. I can't tell if it's something growing on the scales or not but you can judge from the pictures. Any help would be appreciated. 

Nitrate - 0-20
Nitrite - 0
Hardness - 300+
Chlorine - 0
Alkalinity - 180
Ph - ~7.2
Temperature - 76




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It looks like columnaris which is a gram negative bacterial infection I would treat with maracyn2 or kanaplex both treat gram negative bacterial infection it is highly infectious so make sure you disinfect nets and equipment so you don't spread it to other tanks

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