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Plant products immediately?

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4 minutes ago, CA Dad said:

Do we need to transfer new plants to the substrate or onto hard scape promptly, or can they remain in their little plastic shipping/growing containers for an extended period?

I have left mine in the pots they ship in for weeks at time with no harm to the plants.

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I rearranged my aquarium a few times (since I had gotten my first shipment of plants from Aquarium Co-op), and effectively killed all of the plants (shrank them down to stumps in a few cases). I should have left all of them potted until I knew no more rocks or sand would be shifted. Also, I find it easier to place root tabs in the bottom of the pots than in the substrate. I might cut out the bottom of the pots so they can easily be removed from around the plants one the plants have taken root or sent out multiple runners. 

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Depends on the plant?  I place a root tab in the rock wool and plant them.  As for plants that send out runners this seems to work fine.  If the bottom of the tank isn’t covered I just look up from time to time.  When I can see the root system (and I use mostly UGFs) I know the plant has a great network of roots.  This also helps in the placement of future root tabs as I can see the roots.  Anyways back to baskets. Once the plant is well established and sent out several runners if I feel there is any benefit to removes I do it then.   
Good Luck 

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