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Cichlids galore

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Good evening everyone! I'm a somewhat new somewhat returning fishkeeper, and its nice to meet you all! Growing up, my mother used to breed freshwater Angelfish and it kind of got me into the hobby while I was young, but I ended up being unable to keep any fish in our house for many years after we moved until recently. I'm currently running a 60gal, a 20tall, and a 10 quarantine while my 30 long cycles. In reference to the title, I keep mainly cichlids, although I do have a few other species as well. My current tanks are stocked with the following totals:

6 Adult Freshwater Angels: 2 Marble, 1 Gold marble, 2 Blushing Koi, 1 Silver

2 Adult Corydoras: Emerald Green

5 Adult Male Gourami: 3 Flame, 2 Powder Blue


3 Baby Honey Gourami, 4 Baby Emerald Corydora, 4 Baby Angelfish of unknown color, 4 Oto cats. 


As you can see I'm very fond of cichlids and I have a raging love for Gourami. My eventual dream tank is a 80gal cube for a clownfish reef aquarium, and a 120gal Tall Freshwater to keep Discus gourami and Angels. These are long term projects that will happen over time. I've currently got an additional 20tall and 10 gallon I have yet to set up, because I'm waiting for my air pump to arrive. I'm an avid forum lurker, and all together I have around 3 years of Angelfish experience and around 2 1/2 years of general aquatic experience. I also currently keep two large Green Iguanas, and plan on adding some gekos in the future. If you have any questions pertaining to the ocean I'm your gal, and I'll do my best to help where I Can!

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