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How to Grow Bigger Brine Shrimp

Steve Pituch

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Hi All,

I used my Ziss breeder for the first time. After 36 hours, the shrimp are very small. I poured some of the water through a coffee filter, poured the clear water back into the Ziss, and dipped the filter into my tank with the wild golden top minnows.  They look interested, but it’s like the shrimp are too small 

Using the Ziss, how do I grow the brine shrimp to a larger size?  Do I feed them?



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@TheDukeAnumber1 has good advice. I tried to feed my baby brine shrimp to the fry in the grow out tanks within a few hours of the shrimp hatching. I throw the remaining shrimp away once they get to about 12 hours old. By that point I have another batch hatching, so I always to have the youngest possible baby shrimp available.

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