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Columnaris or acute stress exacerbation in 1.5yo Ember Tetra?


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My 1.5yo Ember Tetra suddenly swam around the tank erratically, I believe hitting driftwood and gravel. I accidentally bumped the tank I recently had to place on my desk and I feel terrible for stressing it out like that. I have done some research, and I am not sure if my fish may have just been injured from acute stress by swimming like that, or if it now has developed a columnaris infection and needs to be removed / euthanized. Unfortunately I do not have a hospital tank now since I am away for college with just my two small tanks. I also do not have a water testing kit, I do weekly 20% water changes, dose with Easy Green 1x weekly, and have plenty of live plants. I have had this tank established since February of last year without any issues, and I have a healthy breeding neocardia colony. 

Please help - what should I do now? Do you think this is columnaris or another infection, or that it will heal on its own? If there is a shrimp and plant safe medication I could use, what would you recommend? 


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