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Too many root tabs added?

Mike R

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I am new to fish keeping. My 10 gallon tank turns a year old this week. I’ve decided to make the transition to live plants. On Saturday I added 3 plants to the tank along with a few of the marino moss balls. I added a bunch of the root tabs for the Amazon sword and other rooted plants added.

I noticed that my swordtails we’re staying near the surface the next morning. I tested my levels and ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates were all through the roof. I did a 40% water change. I just tested again this morning and my numbers are still well elevated. I’m planning to do another water change.

Did I add too many root tabs? I had tested the night before I added the plants and my numbers were perfect. 
I would appreciate any guidance. Obviously, I’m still learning and fear I messed something up.

Thank you!

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Sorry to hear... how many root tabs did you add? A 10 gal is pretty low volume of water to balance easily. You may want to physically remove a couple tabs, and carefully monitor parameters. We add about 1x root tab per sword when we first add the plant. Awhile later, another can be added. Weekly, we add fertilizer after a water change (Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green is very good!)

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Thank you both for your replies. Based on both your answers, yes I went a little tab crazy I fear. I think I added about 8 tabs or so. I misunderstood and thought I needed quite a few, but should have known better based on the smaller tank size. Another fish keeping lesson learned for me.

I will try vacuuming up the tabs in the gravel and will continue monitoring and doing water changes. And I’ll definitely try the Easy Green fertilizer. 

Thanks again! Appreciate the comments!

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