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Tiger barbs with dwarf gourami?


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The last time I posted I was having issues with fish dying and y’all let me know my PH. Is very low so I’ll have to stock accordingly.  Water levels are PH-6

ammonia- 0, nitrites-0, nitrates 15-20 temp is 80ish

I got 1 dwarf gourami and I was hoping to get a school of tiger barbs also. They were together in the same tank at the fish store but I read somewhere not to keep him with barbs due to there zippy nature they will get most of the food. What do y’all think? I really like the look of tiger barbs but I don’t want to upset my gourami 🤞🏽🙏 Annie

oh and the other creatures in there are 2 ghost fish and 1 pleco  2” in a 20 gallon long


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