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dwarf lily bulb

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It's hard to know which way is up on a lily bulb when you plant it. I use the "nature knows best" method and drop it in the tank and see how it falls. I figure Mother Nature knows that it should fall root side down so however it lands is how I plant it. I ordered mine from the Coop on January first. It took about a week to get here so it's been in the tank for about a month and looks largely the same. It's not growing but it's also not rotting, so I just try to be patient with it and see what happens. I have rotated it so the presumed bottom is up, but we'll see if that makes any difference. Mine got pretty cool during shipment. It came with no heat pack or insulation and the nighttime temps were in the twenties. The plants in the box were 58-60 degrees when I opened it. The plants are all doing fine but the lily just sits there. I check it out every few days and it'll either grow or rot. It's just a question of waiting to see which it does.

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