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Plant Ich?

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Well it seems like I am having a heck of a weekend with trouble identifying things in my aquarium. Yesterday it was a mystery fish illness (still don't know what it is), and now it is this. It looks like ich, but on my banana plant

I have zero snails and have had this plant for months now. The spots just showed up yesterday. 

The brown stuff it is sitting in is not dirt, it is decomposing cattapa leaves, a favorite for my betta.



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I had a fungus that looked similar to this shortly after one of my tanks was done cycling (did have two fish in cycle). I watched a ton of youtube videos on aquarium fungus and prayed that this was the beneficial kind I was looking at. This tank was meant to be my shrimp species only tank. Removed those two fish and added shrimp a few days after that fungus showed up and the shrimp ate it within 24 hrs. The tank has been pristine since 🙂 I am by no means an expert - especially when it comes to fungus and plants. But I did have something similar and it is now gone due to my new crustacean friends!

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