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  1. Well it seems like I am having a heck of a weekend with trouble identifying things in my aquarium. Yesterday it was a mystery fish illness (still don't know what it is), and now it is this. It looks like ich, but on my banana plant! I have zero snails and have had this plant for months now. The spots just showed up yesterday. The brown stuff it is sitting in is not dirt, it is decomposing cattapa leaves, a favorite for my betta.
  2. Treated with Dose 1 of Paracleanse! Will update if anything changes
  3. Sorry for all the questions. Do I need to worry about catching it?
  4. Gosh I hope not, that would mean I can get them also right? Is Paracleanse the treatment for hook worms?
  5. Hi everyone! This my first post here, sadly it is about a fish disease :(. The symptoms are flashing, "yawning" (ie gulping water as I understand), and this mysterious growth from a single point on his head. This just started about two days ago with the flashing. I just noticed the growth today. Eating normally, fairly active, have done 25% water changes the past few days, no other inhabitants. I've included pictures of the growth (in the last one it looks like there is a white spot on his left fin, that is not present anymore, maybe something in the water). Here are my water parameters. Unfortunately I do not have a kit to test my water for hardness and kh/buffer. Is that recommended? : pH: 6.6 Nitrates: ~2 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm Water Temp: 82 F Thank you everyone in advance!!!
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