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  1. Thank you so much for replying! I do have the Co-op sponge filters and Ziss air stones in all of my tanks and love them. However, in my 75, I was only running one large sponge and thought my tank could benefit from an additional filter, so I added the Ziss https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/filtration/products/ziss-bubble-bio-moving-bed-filter. This is the one I’m having issues with. Sorry for the confusion! I should have added the photo to my original post.
  2. I bought three female coral reds. I love those fish so much. They looked great when I picked them up and then before long two of them developed swollen bellies. I thought they were over eating and just couldn’t figure it out because I tried to be so careful with feeding. Welp, my 29g is now full - chalk full - of platty fry! The two were pregnant! I was hoping they’d get eaten. No such luck with a well planted and scaped tank. From now on, I will only buy young live bearers to avoid this from happening and I’m crossing my fingers that a LFS will take my males. Otherwise, I’ll buy another tank and put all the males on it. Not sure what else to do. I never wanted babies.
  3. Hello, installed my new filter yesterday and cannot stop the boiling water type bubbles coming through it. Huge bubbles are glugging out of the top. I’ve taken it out and apart, reinstalled the rigid tubing on the back to ensure it’s straight and tight, and messed about with the air valve and no matter what I do, I’m just not getting those fine bubbles coming out of the top that I’m seeing in other people’s aquariums. Please advise. Thank you!
  4. Thank you! I just suddenly worried about predation or territorialism. I’ve read these plecos are peaceful, but all these fish inhabit the same parts of the tank and obviously vary greatly in size. Thought I’d double check with the community. Appreciate you!
  5. Hello, I have been getting ready for a L018 gold nugget pleco for months and while shopping today, could not resist picking up a juvenile. It’s not til tonight that I paused to think about whether this will work long term with my hillstream loaches. This may be a rare combo 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does anyone have experience in this area? I can move one or the other if I need to, but would love to keep them together in my 75g. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks Dawn! I also watched this and it had my wheels spinning 🙂
  7. Not only did he suggest two, he actually said he’d do four adults in a 29.
  8. I thought about German Blues but read they were a little finicky. They’re on my list though!
  9. Hello, I have a new 29g tank in the process of cycling. I will likely be placing an order with Aquahuna in the next couple of weeks. Because the tank is so tall, I was thinking about doing two angels - the Avatar blues. However, my LFS has Congo tetras on display forever but none for sale, and I think they are beautiful. Do you think I could do 8 of those in a 29g? It’s not as long as I would like, but I’m hoping they wouldn’t be too cramped. Anyone have these? The other worry I have is placing an online order, there’s not guarantee I’ll get a mix of male and female and I so want at least a couple of males! Tank mates will be 2 dwarf patties, corydoras and cardinals.
  10. Thanks for your reply! I actually don’t ever clean the surfaces. I only change water when I clean the tank and rarely vacuum the substrate.
  11. Hello, I have a 75g with 6 panda corydoras, three Hillstream loaches and two nerite snails (and many other community fish). I would love to add my false zebra pleco to the mix. He will get to about 3” but is a baby right now (probably half the size). I have never seen the loaches dining on anything other than the glass, so I have no idea if they’re getting any of the community food, but they’re alive after several months now. I’ve also never seen my pleco eat anything other than surfaces. I put algae wafers in both tanks and the cories are the ones that eat them. Do you think the environment/community can handle all of these algae eaters and bottom dwellers or am I at max already do you think? Would love to hear others’ experiences.
  12. This is an impossible task, especially when my two favorites share a tank 😍 Meet my sweet Colombian zebra pleco and his Dumbo betta friend!
  13. Thanks for the reassurances everyone! They definitely move kind of like inch worms and don’t slide along like earthworms. I read a planarian moves more like an earthworm. These don’t have any shape to them, just tiny straight lines. So I’m ruling out Hydra. And the other little thing I think I saw darting around is cyclops. I’ve got a betta and a false zebra pleco in this tank. I’m just so worried they’re going to harm my pleco because they only seem to be on the glass and not in the substrate. I read that planaria just moves along the glass?? There’s so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know. Not so worried about Mr. Betta. I did see him bite at the glass a few times last night. The reason I’m so worried it’s planaria is because I saw a real worm in my shrimp tank on Monday. It looked like a black worm that had kinda bleached out - it was brownish. It startled me so much that I went crazy gravel vacuuming and cleaning. I sucked out multiple worms. Those also did not look like pictures of planaria I’ve seen. They were long but round and skinny - no pointed head. The tank used to house African Dwarf frogs and we feed those live black worms. The black worms were always falling into the substrate and getting lost. I wasn’t worried though because I knew the animals would find them eventually. well, I also found a random dead cherry shrimp that day. A large seemingly healthy one. Since doing my research last night, that has me worried about planaria. Anyway, back to Monday. Since I had already cleaned one tank, I have two more 10g stocked tanks, so I cleaned them all using the same siphon. I didn’t think anything of it because I truly felt like they were the black worms. One of the tanks I cleaned was betta and pleco tank. It wasn’t til the next morning that I started seeing clusters of white spots on the glass. But I thought they were just from the pleco - they’re kinda shaped like his mouth. He’s just a baby 1.5” - maybe less. But now, I think they’re egg clusters for these worms and I’m thinking I picked up something from the shrimp tank and transferred it to the betta tank. Uuuugggghhh! This is so maddening. Anyway, it’s only this tank that has cyclops and worms on the glass. I’ve never seen anything like anywhere else. I also have a 75 community tank and about every kind of worm eater you can imagine in there, lol. That could be why I’ve never seen anything. this betta tank is the only one that I have driftwood in, so wondering if maybe it’s got something to do with that. I added the driftwood about two weeks ago.
  14. UPDATE - ok guys. I’m ok. After burying myself in all thing aquarium worms online - these do appear to be detritus. Would really really love a second opinion though! Hopefully you can access my video link to see them in action. What are these? Please help! I’ve got some very expensive fish in this tank. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MrMcvpB_QSKzd-cIs3CT7JKGF3J2pbA-/view?usp=drivesdk These are stringy little white worms. They move fast and kind of inch around. There are all kinds of critters suddenly crawling all over my glass. OMG, and now I’ve just seen something white dart across my eyes inside the water. Like something swimming and not a worm 😭
  15. Actually, I called it a sponge because it looked like the course material on the sponge filters at Aquarium Co-Op, but I think this is what it was.
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