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Seachem Nitrite Reagent Triggered by Easy Green Fertilizer

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I just received my Easy Green this afternoon and immediately put the recommended dosing amount into my 3 gallon planted tank. It's been cycled for a few months but I still test for nitrites and nitrates every day using the Seachem test kit. The readings were normal yesterday (both 0) when I also did a large water change. Just now, about 4 hours after first putting in Easy Green, I tested nitrites and the test signaled on the high end of the test strip (if not beyond). I immediately did a 75% water change just in case and tested again. The nitrites were at zero. Curious, I googled if fertilizers might have caused this but nothing definitive came up.

So I did my own test. I used 2 test wells to test the water again, but touched a q-tip dipped in Easy Green into one of the wells then added aquarium water to both wells; the control well only had aquarium water. As soon as I added the Nitrite Reagent, the Easy Green well went off the charts but the control well stayed at 0. 

Has anyone noticed this? What test can I use to monitor nitrites/nitrates while also using Easy Green? Or will using Easy Green always trigger the test due to the water soluble Nitrogen?


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@Jbram63 interesting findings. Can you do a nitrite test with a clean q-tip? Just in case something in the q-tip is causing a false nitrite reading. (Probably not, but it’s good to be thorough.)

I’ve never used the seachem test kit either, but it’s always good to know what can throw off our tests in general.

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@Irene @Hobbit 

Thanks for responding. I'lll try to upload photos of the test I just did that confirmed the findings.

I used 3 wells this time. One well swabbed with a q-tip dipped in Easy Green, one well with a drop straight from the bottle plunger straw, and one with aquarium water only (AWO). I just did a water change 2 hours ago.

Following adding the Nitrite Reagent, both of the Easy Green wells slowly turned magenta, no color change in AWO well. I allowed it to diffuse on its own. After 2 mins, I fully mixed the wells and the 2 Easy Green wells both matched in color indicating a Nitrite level somewhere near 2.5. No color shown in the AWO well indicating 0.

I added the Nitrate powder to all 3 wells. I didn’t have to mix the 2 Easy Green wells since they both showed the darkest magenta on the chart within 30 seconds. The AWO well showed a slight color change indicating, at most, less than 0.2. 





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To no avail, I scoured the internet for the name of the Nitrite Reagent hoping I could figure out what it reacts with to cause the color change. I'm assuming it's secret or hidden in plane sight. But even the safety data sheets weren't much help. 

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@Jbram63, I primarily use this test for my nitrite/nitrate testing, because I find the sliding color chart easier to read (for my eyes anyway).  Strangely enough, this has happened to me once before, but to a lesser extent.  In particular, it was also in the nitrite test & the color result did give me a positive (approx 1/2 ppm nitrite).  Not near your higher reading though, but did make me look twice at it.  The only thing I could think of in my situation was, I MAY have been a little heavy handed in dosing fertilizers that day.  The following week, test results were back to normal (near 0 ppm).  

I didn't really think too much of it at the time, but noticed your post here today regarding a similar situation.  

So, was it the fertilizer, maybe / maybe not.  Could be a bunch of other things, as well.  Water chemistry is very complicated.  

Am curious, exactly how much fertilizer you dosed in the 3 gallon?  Around 1/3 of a ml?





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@DaveSamsell  Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad I wasn’t the only one. I use this test for the same reason as you. I agree water chemistry can be quite complicated. Chemistry in general I suppose.

Being that I just got the fertilizer, it’s quite possible that I may have overdosed somehow. I use a Kids Tylenol dropper that my kids no longer need. It’s about 0.1 mL per drop. I remember adding 3 drops but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more drops got in there through other tools that may have touched the cap or alike. 

Still, I was quite surprised that there was any nitrite reading, let alone how high it was. It’s a very small tank, so accidentally overdosing a drop or two might just be something I have to take into account.

It’s no big deal to me as long as it’s not true nitrite being added to the tank. I figured I’d write something up here just in case others have the same issue and to see if Easy Green triggers other tests too. 

Thanks again!

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