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Pond Plants in CA

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I'm struggling to find a good floating plant for a 25g balcony pond since most floating plants are invasive and illegal in California. I've ruled out Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything you've had success with? For other Californians, am I understand the law incorrectly? I don't want to keep an illegal species. I also don't want to contribute to an environmental problem even if it's legal.

I appreciate the help!  

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So water hyacinth is kinda of a weird one in CA. I thought it was illegal as well but I also see a lot of shops still sell them and water lettuce as well. Being that you have a pond on a balcony as long as you compost or throw the plant in the green waste bin, I can't see you contributing the issue especially water hyacinth cause that stuff is everywhere already.

Try regular pond lillies or the dwarf varieties. I personally like the bigger ones because from spring to summer they shoot up a big beautiful lotuses and the bulb might be able to survive through the winter. I put my bulb in a pot with dirt and cap with sand or gravel but make sure the pot you use doesn't have a hole in the bottom or you'll leach dirt in your pond.

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Yeah, lost of stores sell water hyacinth and water lettuce, so I think it is fine. Another one that stores sell is parrot's feather which I think is very pretty. It should be fine as long as you don't dump the plants into local waterways. I know it is seen as a weed, but you could also do duckweed, which can be very pretty. I have some hardy water lilies in CA and they are very cool. I hope your pond goes well. 

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