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It all depends on what you're hoping to achieve. Platys will spawn with each other irregardless of color form. The fry will sometimes surprise you with the colors they come out with. It all depends on what the dominant and recessive color traits turn out to be in the offspring. Perhaps go for two females. A general rule for live bearers is more females than males . . . maybe 2x females for 1x male . . . but it's not essential. More than once, we started with one platy pair, and ended up with a huge colony. Some people really like to keep pure color strain. In my opinion, that's up to each person's taste. 

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So, I think there are two ways to look at the M/F ratio. I think adding 2 females may be less desirable if you have no desire to breed them. Adding 2 females could result in the males harassing them to the point of exhaustion. Generally the answer to this is to add 4+ females so it is spread around.

The other way to go would be to get 2 more males. 4 males together would likely get along fine because they wouldn't have any females to fight over. Although if there is little to no cover in the tank this could also end badly, but if you have a few hiding places it should work out.

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