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Relocating aponogeton

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I have a nice growing aponogeton in my guppy tank and a couple of massive water sprites in the community. The ws just grows too fast, i am always trimming it. The aponogeton is in a coop planter. If I want to make this change can I just remove the ws and move the planter to the other tank? Parameters are similar. How does aponogeton handle moves? Anyone near dfw need water sprite?



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Very pretty! I'm not too familiar with the Co-Op planter yet. Do the Aponogeten roots go through it down into the substrate underneath? Or are they contained within the planter? When we move plants they go into a kind of "freeze" for a little while -- a week or so -- and then decide either to melt back, or push forward. As long as parameters are close enough, and lighting is comparable, things should work out fine. Love the tank!!

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