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Betta with white spot under belly?

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Hello! I picked up a female betta last Saturday and I noticed a white spot under her belly. I immediately thought it was poop but after living in a 10g quarantine tank with half a dozen blue gouramis she still had it. I finished medicating General Cure (standard for new fish) and was preparing to put her in the 75g with the dwarf powder blue gouramis and 2 female bettas. When I was taking the pics below, I noticed my other 2 females in the 75g also had the same spot. All of the fish that I am talking about have been medicated with API General cure.  Due to how active the other 2 females are I was unable to get pics of them but I did get 2 of the new girl. I also attached a photo of a betta I found online where you can see the spot better. The black one is mine the white on isn't. Is it normal? If not, what is it? Thanks!

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

download (2).jpeg

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8 minutes ago, Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics said:

But there is no males around except for the gouramis?

They still have girl parts--she doesn't have to have a male around to show that bit. Some fish don't have an external egg tube, but bettas do. It is easier to see on some when they have less full fins.

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