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Community Tank Fish Ideas


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My community tank is 67% populated.  I could use some suggestions for the last set of fish.  The constraints are: (1) congenial fish, (2) swim in lower half, and (3) can handle high ph water.

The fish in the aquarium so far are:

  • Hatchet fish (intended to hang out at the surface)
  • Danios (2 varieties)
  • Harlequin Rasbora
  • Culi Loaches
  • Panda Cory

Everyone in my tank (except the Cory's) seem to spend the better part of their time swimming in the top half.  The expectation was for the Danios and Rasbora to wander the middle third.

My Ph is around 8.4, with hard water.

Thanks for any ideas.


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27 minutes ago, Socqua said:

Guppies or endlers would get you more activity in the lower half. They'll swim all around though. Some tetras would meet your requirements. Maybe some mollies.

My guppies and endlers prefer to stay right at the surface. They will venture lower, but mostly stay toward the top.

@DeepWater I would recommend more corydoras, maybe a school of different species (or if you have only a couple pandas, get more). They are awesome in large groups. You won't regret it!


Hope this helps.

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