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My jewel cichlid par laid eggs, anything I should know, any tips?


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Well I purchased a lone jewel cichlid that I saw on petco all alone and sad in a corner of the tank. Figured it would be ok in my green terror tank since I;ve read these can be kept with americans sometimes. No problems at all! Decided to get a second one from a LFS and welp, they came out to be male and female, and after literally days of having them I come home to this:

True to their reputation, they quickly cornered my green terror, yes the fish that I had to house alone cause it was a nightmare, yikes. Moved the green terror to my 100g tank and now only the jewel pair remains in the 45g.

Any tips? Which food should I give the fry? I was thinking cory's fry food. I was in the process of setting up a 75g for angelfish, but uh oh change of plans, I'll make it a jewel cichlid tank😅

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