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Algae in a very new tank


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Hi.. I set up my new tank 7 days ago, and within 4 days I had a fine dusting of bright green algae. 

I was wondering if anyone knows why and how this has grown so fast in this tank. The tank and everything in it is brand new. All of my plants are lab grown tissue culture.

I added a pinch of fishfood right away, did one dose of fertiliser and have been using easycarbon at the higher end of the dosing every day, as per the instructions. My filter is a hob, with course foam, super fine foam and activated carbon. 600lt/hr on a 90lt tank.

I have no snails or fish yet. I didn't really want an explosion of bladder snails in this tank if I can help it... Although I do have plenty on hand.

I was wondering what the best route to go to get this cleared up would be



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Honestly, algae is usually always present in an aquarium but there are many reasons for it. It might be because there is not enough flow or there is too much nutrients from the fish food and fertilizers. Also, algae is just a sign to show that your tank is cycled. If you get fish that eat the algae, you should be fine or you could just clean it yourself. 

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