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Med trio and plants. What's your experience?

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Posted earlier in diseases, but thought it might make more sense if I post here instead:

I am going to quarantine new fish in a planted aquarium. Some of the more delicate plants I have are water lettuce and Christmas moss, otherwise everything else is pretty hardy. Any concerns? How did your plants survive the week? 


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23 minutes ago, Ken said:

QT.jpg.25cf38eeba7623a54d62860548558b86.jpgThis is my quarantine tank, The Lemon Tetras in there now are about the fifth occupants, the plants and snails have lived there the whole time. The only effect I have even seen is the silicone went blue.


6 minutes ago, Cory said:

Plant safe in our experience. Tested more times than can be counted in our shop tanks.

Thank you so much! I'm feeling great about it!

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