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My sword tail endlers project


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Hi all, 
I thought I'd share my long term project of getting these to breed true. They are at about 2/3 at this stage, hopefully closer to 100% soon. Even the ones that end up culled look beautiful to me (I drop them off at my LFS). Endler x Guppy mix (looks like Japan blue in there).

Latest Image:

Screenshots from videos taken:

And, of course, my profile pic:scr3.jpeg.5cb801427a3d6aa412682127a9dbd253.jpeg
What do you people think?

image.png.aea76914ec4096a29a16e8cc833a4108.pngCulls tank - some of the females have come out yellow. Is this a recessive gene? I've not seen this before except in some pure guppies.




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