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Floating plants are easy to plant (drop in water) but can be tricky at times to grow, unless you have annoying duckweed. First off floating plants are really pond plants, so they dont do well with a lot of surface agitation from hob filters or massive bubbles from un regulated airstones or sponge filters. They do better in low flow environments. You can get around this by corralling them with some extra air hose at the top of your tank to a more placid corner. That way they dont get sucked down from hob undertow or pushed around to much from air bubbles. Also water lettuce and frogbit for instance does not like tight fitting lids where condensation can form on top of the leaves. In nature any water that forms on the leaves will evaporate, but may not do so in your aquarium. Lastly water lettuce is a low to medium light plant. Too much light ( which is easy to do with a plant that hovers only inches from your aquarium light) can sun burn its leaves. With proper care and knowledge they are excellent plants that grow quite quickly and remove massive amounts of nitrates while also providing top water shelter for your happy little pets. Other great floating plants are red root floaters, and giant duckweed, steer clear of regular duckweed it gets on everything and makes tank maintenance messy, and can increase your organic bio load from so many dead leaves when they do die off. 

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It will never hurt to put a plant in the tank especially flotating plants. Floating Plants are especially good at taking nutrients out of the water colum such as nitrates and phostphates, they are fast growing and are very easy to care for. All you have to do is plop and drop and you should be fine. The long roots may help for the baby fry to hide in all though you will need more plants then just floating plants to acheive this, try moss.

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