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Guppy englers


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8 hours ago, Englers said:

Can you tell me more about guppy Englers?i get a lot of algae in the tank.

Endlers livebearers are very closely related to guppies. So closely in fact that both guppies and Endlers can interbreed together. Endler's are named Poecilia wingei, while guppies are named Poecilia reticulata.

They are named after Canadian scientist John Endler who found them in Laguna de Patos, near the Cumana city dump, in northeastern Venezuela in 1975.

I prefer Endlers over 'regular' guppies because they are so colorful, but other than the intense wild type color patterns Endlers have, there is not much difference.

Both Endlers and regular guppies are voracious eaters and will pick at and eat algae, but not enough to be keep algae at bay.

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