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(Say it with your best Irish accent) Tank-Tag-Team Tuuurrsday


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We had a busy day with the tanks today. I trimmed a little hornwort, then Doug replanted that floating crinum. Then I worked on the java moss:


Do y'all clean your java moss? Don't worry - I do swirl it a bit in the tank, so I don't lose allll the biofilm, but I have to check mine for BBA. I start with a bucket of conditioned water, put the moss in there, move it around a bit so the shrimp, fish and seed shrimp hop off, then I take out a little at a time and check it over. It goes pretty quickly.

After that, I had to see exactly WHO had dropped off that java moss. Check this out!!!

Isn't it amazing how tiiiiiiiny they are!!!

Next Doug trimmed up the sword and I trimmed the pothos that we've got growing out of the top. 

And last...Doug ADDED the ALBINO CHERRY BARBS! 12 in all, along with the lone female Cherry Barb who survived the trip from Aqua Huna. They've been in quarantine for a good 3+ weeks, and seem to be doing really well.


It was a good day! Many hands make light work! So glad we could tag-team and get the work done. 🙂


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